Kennedy Tribute At the Democratic National Convention

  • If you didn't see it, that was pretty good.
  • But I know the mindless "Hey, what about Chappaquiddick!" comments will flow. Give it up people.
  • Caroline Kennedy has always come across as completely charismatically-challenged. And I remember I bought a book of hers several years ago about the Bill of Rights and, even though I'm a constitutional idiot, even I could tell she seemed to have no idea what the Bill of Rights was* about.
  • In about 50 years when the dumbing down of America peaks, you'll have someone like the ailing Kennedy walk out on stage and fall on purpose only to have the presidential candidate rush from behind stage to save him. And the public will eat it up.
_______ *Speaking of challenged, I'm correct in using "was" instead of "were" aren't I?