Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Michelle Obama was great last night and, as she spoke, I could only think about the racists that post in the comments on here sometimes. Uh, boys, she's black and smarter than you.
  • But it was pretty funny watching the CSPAN coverage of the Democratic convention. With no commercial breaks, the cameras would just pan around the arena during down time. Amongst the predominately minority crowd were lots of old white man doing some pretty bad dancing.
  • I'm pretty sure CSPAN is owned by a private company and not government run or subsidized.
  • Hot sports opinion: Tony Romo will be injured at some point causing the most promising season in years to go down the drain.
  • Found a website that will send you an email or text when a game involving your sport of choice is going down to the wire with a close score. It's pretty cool.
  • My favorite protest sign posted yesterday from Denver by a D Magazine reporter.
  • I washed my iPod shuffle in my jeans a couple of months ago, and I thought it was ruined. Nope, the little sucker fired up and started working the other day.
  • I saw a garbage truck yesterday which was violently launching trash containers after it emptied them. I could have watched that all day.
  • Mccully Culkin is 29 today. Worst. Actor. Ever. I hope he saved his money.
  • I finally bought sandwich stuff. I bet I've had six sandwiches in the last week.
  • I'm still enthralled by the Chinese. Criticize them all you want, but when all is said and done, they will be around and we won't be.
  • I finished the very odd movie Funny Games. Pretty shocking but I absolutely turned on the film when one of the "bad guys" turned to the camera and spoke directly to the audience ("Who are you pulling for?") Dumbest movie trick ever.
  • Video of the day: This man did not take Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Whatever Faye seriously.
  • Video of the day #2: I can't believe this didn't work (Extreme language warning from a couple of incredibly stupid kids that do not need to go forth and populate the earth. But it does involve fire which is always a bonus.)
  • Two people that sound scared to death whenever they speak: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Texas Ranger GM Jon Daniels
  • I turned over to Fox News to see the haters' take on the DNC and caught a little bit of Bill O'Reilly. He seemed old, tired, and out of touch. And I used to at least be entertained by the guy.
  • I bet that Obama has a contingency speech in case it rains at Mile High Stadium on Thursday. "It's OK to take chances. It's OK to walk in the rain every now and then. It's OK to believe America can take a brave new step and go where it's never gone before. And it's OK to embrace the newness of this vision just like we embrace this refreshing rain together.")
  • The girl above in the pic is famous for the "whipped cream" scene in Varsity Blues.