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Ok, only three of you will care about this (shout out to my brother, nephew, and buddy Kevin.) I've read for months about cutbacks at the Dallas Morning News. It's simply a financial reality of today's print business - many whom believe that the industry is dying. That means the quality of reporting should be dying as well. I've got at least some evidence that is true. But I do know that due to the magic of RSS feeds I just read the "Season Preview" about Baylor which will appear in this week's college football preview issue of the Morning News. This is what has go me riled up:
Quarterback: Three players remain in the running for the job. "It's not like we can say this guy is that much better than that guy," Briles said. Incumbent Blake Szymanski ranks 12th in school history with 3,533 passing yards. Senior transfer Kirby Freeman, who starred at Brownwood before signing with Miami, and freshman Jeremy Sanders are pushing for the job.
That's wrong. Simply wrong. Jeremy Sanders isn't in the running. Highly touted freshman Robert Griffin is. ESPN (which shouldn't have better info that Dallas' only daily) knows that simply by reading the Waco paper. Heck, even MSNBC calls Griffin one of the "fifty most intriguing players" in America. Yeah, it's just college football. But if they can't get that obvious fact correct, what are they screwing up in news that really matters?


Anonymous said...

America isn't and never will be ready for a black president with a rag head name like Barrack HUSSEIN Obama.

It will never appear in stone along with names like Washington,Jefferson,Roosevelt,Truman and Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Barry,
Baylor could upset Wake Forest!
My theory being that Baptists always upset Deacons.....
Anyway, after it doesn't happen, tune into the real game on Saturday when UT kicks tail and retires Vince Young's jersey.
Hook Em!

Anonymous said...

Hey, if it's in the news or in print, then it MUST be true! (not)

Anonymous said...

i surfed by SWC highlights this am and the highlight was BAylor beating UT 34 - 24 @ waco in 74' . earl campbell made a td but wasnt enough.

Anonymous said...

Obama baby!!!!!!!!

he's the anti-christ.

Vote Democrat!

Anonymous said...

As to my usual rant about the sorry state of journalism in this country nowadays, your last question/comment says it all. They don't even get stuff you spoon-feed them right, so what hope do have of them getting anything else right. (Case in point--my English teacher mom writes the text for an ad for my father's business--and the Mess changes a pronoun she used to an incorrect choice! They went out of their way to expend the effort of changing the wording so it could be WRONG! To say my mom was pissed and disgusted is to put it lightly.)

Anonymous said...

so if teachers are always right is it ok to bang your students?

Jarhead said...


The photographer's name is Eric. Eric Gay.