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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The Friday before a three day weekend is, well, good. When something like this happens, I normally stop in the parking lot as I leave for the day and tell myself to "enjoy this moment."
  • A Houston plaintiff's lawyer who embezzled $1.67 million from his clients did not get a slap on the wrist. PI lawyer sentence. In other sentencing news, a hot teacher also gets the beat down.
  • Video of kid falling out of stand at a baseball game and landing on the warning track in such a way that I'm pretty sure the breath was knocked out of him.
  • Baylor got the crap beaten out of them last night but I think the Bears have finally found a quarterback
  • The "live blog" turned into a crazy free for all at the end. You know, that idea has potential if we could all figure out something that we'd all be willing to watch at the same time. Cowboy game? Oprah? NASA Channel?
  • There have been at least four local DPS troopers who have quit to go into the oilfield security business.
  • "David Duchovny, who plays a sex-obsessed character on Showtime's 'Californication,' has entered a rehabilitation facility for sex addiction." Braggart.
  • Talked to a young Decatur mother yesterday who has to attend a pee wee football game tomorrow (a holiday weekend) at noon (in the heat) in Argyle (what a beating.)
  • The Star Telegram actually used the phrase "drug deal gone bad" in a headline today.
  • I'm looking at a Wise County traffic ticket docket right now and I see the following crimes that people have been charged with: "Brake Hose - Tube Damage", "Tire Less Than 2/32 of an Inch", and "Dangerous Dog".
  • Michael Jackson is 50 today. Not sure how old Bubbles the Chimp is.
  • John McCain is 72 today. He looks like he's ready to go off on everybody around him at any moment.
  • The Democrats using Invesco Field last night was a great idea.
  • I'm pretty sure I saw Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, and Rosario Dawson at the Democratic National Convention. All that hawtness was needed to balance out a very ugly crowd. (Although I don't see people in those terms.)
  • Man wasn't it tense the other night when Obama's kid was on stage talking to him by satellite. Man, I'd never give a 10 year old a live mic on national TV.
  • There is a blurb in the Update today about a guy pleading guilty after his previous conviction was reversed because of a "disjunctive" error in the jury charge. I tried to explain that months ago.
  • I got behind Slow Customer Scanner Guy at the Walmart self check out line yesterday. You know: Slowly pick up product. Slowly rotate it find bar code. Slowly slide it across the reader. Slowly place it in the bag. And I bet he had 20 items. And what's worse, he would stop once a bag was full and place it in the shopping cart (slowly, I might ad.)
  • Someone mentioned to me today that today's 20-somethings are the most unappreciative generation ever to come along. That might be right.


Anonymous said...

What are the standards for sex addiction? Because I think ALL men are addicted to sex!

Anonymous said...

they are extremely unappreciative. they have a huge sense of entitlement. they think they deserve everything handed to them without having to earn it or work for it. teenagers are just as bad

Anonymous said...

A few thoughts:
-attempting the live blog covering a Baylor game on the same night as a Cowboy game and the most watched convention speech in the history of the world probably doesn't give you much of a chance. Do it again when there are not so many competing interests--it was fun to read.
-If McCain chooses Palin, he's a genius, but it takes away the argument that Obama doesn't have enough experience.
-The younger generation is always seen as unappreciative by the older ones.

Anonymous said...

I know first hand about the younger generation being unappreciative, lazy and always expecting something for nothing. In my book that's the true definition of a nigger, regardless of color.. btw they also love rap music and hate work..bad about mouthing off to people, and threatening to call the po po if'n I hit them..what can I do..?????

Anonymous said...

Take better care of the troopers, all the way around, and we'd keep more of them. Their job is not pleasant and is very dangerous, hours and shifts are terrible, and politics within the system would drive anyone nuts.

Anonymous said...

last night on the scanner i heard a call for medics to go to boyd high school stadium, some 15 year old male had fallen from the stands and cut his leg open real bad..anyone know anything about this..?

Anonymous said...

Obama's kids did well - remember Guiliani's son? or John Roberts'?

Re: 20 year olds - Barry, that's why all the young uns are so excited about Obama. He reinforces that "Americans deserve more" instead of Roosevelt and Kennedy's "serve your country".

Anonymous said...

I watched the Democratic Convention every night this week, and I have to say, the people in attendance were not a real attractive group. Did the cameras just focus on these folks? I didn't see anyone that was even close to what I would consider good looking, other than the prime time speakers and their families. I wonder what the Republican Convention attendees will look like?

GoneCrazy said...

Why doesnt Decatur play peewee football and baseball with the other wise county teams??? I always wonder this but if they did they would have the weekend off from football. I have 2 on midget and 1 in peewee. All the midget games are in the morning but all the peewee games are in the afternoon. yuck

I hate slow scanner guys. They drive me nuts.

I am a todays 20-sometings. Thanks to my parents I know that you have to work for the things you get and have but I think that for the most part our generation was given everything and never had to do anything for themselves. They do not realized what it takes to accomplish the things that their parents have. They think that they should start out at the same social status and have the same things that their parents have worked their whole lives for. Not only do the not realize this but they think they deserve everything they want and think that it is someones job to give it to them instead of working for it.

My kids included. One just had a birthday (well 2 but only one did this) and after he had gotten his birthday presents he ask “Is this all I get?” I wanted to slap him. We had spent a lot already and he wanted more. My response was next time he says that we can take everything he gets back and he can do without.

Anonymous said...

I think we should vote based on the vice president candidate. I think McCain will die while in office (old man) and Obama would be assassinated.

Anonymous said...

The drug deal gone bad didn't seem to have any hispanic names involved. If the participants aren't black, I'm a racist for making the assumption. If the participants are black, I'm just a run of the mill statistician

Jarhead said...

The 20 Somethings are all products of 8 years of Clinton PC-ness (and discussions about his P-ness and the blu-dress). They learned from him and his ilk that there are no consequences for your actions so F it! Ride through life like a friggin' cowboy and damn the torpedoes. Look at him now. He hasn't changed a bit.

They were brought up in a consequence free environment by their moral-hating liberal parents.

Why wouldn't they be an ungrateful bunch of punk bastards?

This attitude manifests itself today in the deomcratic party. Hollywood "celebs," leftist college professors molding minds, agnostics, atheists, etc., etc.

And attorneys. Just kidding, Barry.

zooboomafoo said...

I live in NYC and I thought you would like to know that they had the awful Baylor game on the TV at the bar last night. Congrats on the quarterback. I hope they win more than 5 games this year.

Anonymous said...

I would lick her toes

Anonymous 20 something M Cuban said...

I don't appreciate that comment.

Anonymous said...

Our oldest (now 28) did that the Christmas when he was five. We didn't wait until "the next time." My husband made him get a box and fill it with all he got for Christmas, get in the truck with him, drive to the home of a family we knew who did not have much, and hand out the toys to those kids.

To this day, that son says it's one of the best things we ever did for him.

Anonymous said...

9:07 Yeah his leg contacted something sharp and the inside stuff came out- pretty crazy stuff.

If there is ever anything radio worthy as far as police,fire and EMS and it concerns you- don't worry you'll already know.