The Campaign For DA


Lawyer Of The Year

Let's just say it involves prison, underage sex, and a wheels off lawsuit against American Express. You know, normal stuff.

Here. (And the comments, especially #5, are pretty funny.)

I feel pretttttty, pretttttty, pretttttty good about my life right now.


Anonymous said...

I think #7 easily topped #5.

Anonymous said...

Defense attorneys should not be be alone in the lobby with 14 year olds when daddy is in the law office for his DWI.

Anonymous said...

The dearth of comments here leads me to conclude that we are not shocked by attornies' disgusting behavior. Does the fact that it often parallels that of priests occur to anyone else?

RPM said...

I like #12 the best.

Anonymous said...

And people wonder why attornies are adored as much as a used car salesmen.