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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  1. I've always liked the hot-girl-in-a-tricked-up-cowboy hat look. You boys shouldn't be hatin' like you did yesterday.
  2. On Fox 4 this morning, they had a clip of a chimp almost getting a rifle away from a guy who was trying to track down the escaped animal. But the chimp dropped the gun. Man, there would be nothing funnier than a chimp on the run with a rifle. (Edit: You can see an extended one minute clip of the incident here and, if you are a good American who likes monkey humor, you've got to see it.)
  3. Obama in Germany yesterday was pretty impressive. He spoke to 200,000 which is more than Reagan ("tear down this wall") and Kennedy ("I am a Berliner") spoke to combined.
  4. In the meantime, McCain was in a German restaurant in Ohio. Really.
  5. Speaking of Germany, in elementary school we would have sauerkraut and wienies once a week for lunch. I hated those days.
  6. Whoever is running the Obama campaign knows what he is doing
  7. I'm seeing the new Batman movie tonight. I even bought tickets online beforehand - and I don't think I've ever done that before. And I'm seeing the film at a movie grille which is pretty much the only way I'll see a movie these days.
  8. It supposed to be 104 degrees on Sunday, and it's not even August yet.
  9. I saw a picture of Hugh Jackman on Yahoo Photo's and thought it was "Bud" from Married With Children. Bud was funny.
  10. I went to a dance club in Cancun. The whole experience deserves its own post - I'll work on that.
  11. Finding a login name and password to some sites (like the infuriating Dallas Morning News) here without having to register.
  12. Booker T. Washington is a cool name.
  13. It has been 4,227 daya since the last Cowboy playoff win.
  14. Fat/Neighbor chicks fighting. (Language warning.) I'm pretty sure that happens in Wise County every day - especially the last part of "I'm calling the police right now!"
  15. My multiple sources that extend to all parts of the county (including Boonesville) tell me that the lady that ran down the street light yesterday on the square was pretty old and pretty salty.
  16. Do I use parenthesis too much? (That just dawned on me.) Dooh!
  17. There was a minor controversy when President Bush was caught saying that the stock market had been "drunk" after he asked for the cameras to be turned off at a small gathering. That whole deal was silly and the guy that continued to roll video is a sorry individual.
  18. I filled up my gas powered weedeater with, uh, gas yesterday, got distracted for a second, and then came back and grabbed it off the ground causing gasoline to go all over the garage since I had forgotten to put the gas cap back on. Even though it dried up, I could still smell it this morning. I fear my garage blowing up today.
  19. The headline in the Dallas Morning News was that a teenager was sentenced pursuant to a plea bargain to 8 years in prison for causing a couple of 2 and 4 year old kids to smoke pot. The maximum was 10 years in prison so I was trying to figure out why he agreed to such a harsh plea bargain - then I saw it: "He also pleaded guilty to two charges of burglary of a habitation."
  20. The prosecutor in the case had the last name of "Davila." (That's a Bridgeport reference for you out-of-county folks.) Around here we pronounce is DA-ville-ah as opposed to da-VEELA)
  21. I wonder if anyone got drunk at the Reunion last night?
  22. Christmas is on Thursday this year.
  23. While looking through old blog posts yesterday, I found this one entitled "Luckiest Son In History Of Ever."
  24. Baylor booted its president yesterday and it was only then I learned that earlier this year he tried to get rid of the interlocking "B" and "U" symbol. He need to be fired for that. (Local note: Decatur born Joe Armes used to be on the Baylor Regents but I don't know if he still is.)
  25. I just heard the news of a noteworthy death. The story of the guy made me tear up a bit on vacation while reading a magazine. More on that in a minute.
  26. Another blog flashback: I was shocked at gas prices in May of 2007. Can we have that back?
  27. Edit: Shocking (at least to my civil libertarian bones) DWI courtroom story.
New edit: It's amazing how many lies are being told about Obama. In the comments, there have been a couple of references to him ignoring the troopers during his trip to the Middle East. To quote that great Oklahoma State coach rant from last year, "That ain't true!"


mzchief said...

1. It stands to reason you like girls who wear mangled cowboy hats. You think Brittney Spears is hawt.

3. Obama spoke to 200,000+ Germans while in Germany but didn't speak to one wounded troop at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

7. I've never understood people who are unable to sit in a theatre for 2 hours without stuffing food into their mouths.

8. True Texas summers are a beating. Breckenridge, Colorado is AWESOME during the dog days of a Texas summer.

10. Puhleezzzeee, tell us there are pictures of you at a dance club in Cancun...*LOL*

14. The best line was delivered by the fat chick with the knee brace..."I ought to get a license plate number off of her ass." How can one HUGE broad make fun of another HUGE broad for being fat?

17. Bush is correct in his analogy of the stock market having gotten drunk and is still in hangover phase...(I need to wash out my mouth after having said Bush was correct.)

18. How does someone get distracted between putting down the gas jug and replacing the cap on the weed eater? Did you see a chick in a mangled cowboy hat?

wordkyle said...

I apologize for the length of this post, but speaking of the Obama campaign....

If you had a choice between two candidates, and the following was all you knew, who would you vote for?

Candidate A: Middle-aged. Studied overseas. Attended two different colleges in the U.S. before getting a degree. Went on to get a law degree. Worked community affairs in his adopted home city. Was elected to local office. Served in local politics for just over six years. Got elected to a federal state-wide office. Has one real year of experience in that job.

Candidate B: Middle-aged. Went to college and got a degree. Served in the National Guard for six years. Became a sergeant. While in the National Guard, earned a law degree. Became an investigator for a consumer-protection division. Was elected to a federal office. Was re-elected to a federal office. Was elected to a federal statewide office. Was re-elected to a federal state-wide office. Served in the executive branch for four years.

Now, who would you say is the most qualified to be President?

Candidate A is Barack Obama.
Candidate B is Dan Quayle.

Stripped of his name, his skin color and his "historical" status, does Obama really have the resume to be President of the United States?

(Thanks to Doug MacKinnon)

Anonymous said...

HE'S BAAAACCCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That was NOT an ape on the roof, grabbing a rifle, it was Jarhead.

Anonymous said...

8. I'm not leaving the house!

9. What are you doing looking up pictures of Hugh Jackman?

21. I'm feelin' it today!

26. A snowball has a better chance in Hell.

Anonymous said...

8:30 & 8:52 why don't the two of you get together and start a f'n newspaper ????

Anonymous said...

7. Even after buying tix online, it is a total beat down going to the movies on a Friday night (especially in the summer...darned kids!)
16. Too many (parenthesis, that is)? Of course not! It's like a cozy little coccoon of punctuation (with extra room for your bulging consonants, or that fat little e).
(followup to previous comment: Is parenthesis singular or plural? If singular, would the plural be parentheses, parenthesises, or parenthesii?)

Anonymous said...

The two fat chicks fighting over the sprinkler reminded me of the neighborhood boat ramp (Dirt path to the lake) clean up in Newark this past weekend.

Tom Goode has a good heart and means well but ... he should NEVER trust the locals in Newark to act like normal people with common sense nor should he let "volunteers" perform county work.

Anonymous said...

In the past, I almost never agreed with wordkyle, but I found him interesting sometimes. I just realized with this last post, I totally skipped his post and didn't even read it because he is become boringly predictable. I'm not sure when I started doing that, but I don't think it's the first time I just skipped reading his post.

Y'all let me know if he becomes interesting again.

Anonymous said...

I think the bullet points look better than the numbered list.

Double-fake Brian Knox

Anonymous said...

In Germany, Obama should have said, " I am a BEGINNER", and that would have really been the truth. I saw that in a newspaper political cartoon yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Not suprising tha Obama would draw a large crowd in Europe. His views line up with theirs. Socialized medicine, redistribution of wealth and appeasement.

Anonymous said...

942 dont hold ur breath..

Anonymous said... should check out story on drudge about police sue blogger...i think it would be of major interest to all of us..thanx..

Anonymous said...

me luvz me sum big ole fat guls, ain't nuttin day wont eat to make they main happee..un..hunnnn..

Anonymous said...

O.K., so I was wrong about the goofy hat making hot chicks look worse, my bad, as they say.

I thought it was Sauerkraut and "Veeners".

The fat chicks fighting cracks me up and does remind me of a few I have possibly seen at Wal-Mart that could probably throw down. The "License Plate" part (when you view that fat butt) is classic.

My Children talked me in to seeing Batman, because I am not a fan, holy-cow, great movie. Heath Ledger was awesome and makes the movie. I had no idea it would be that entertaining. However, something other than Popcorn and a Coke would have made it better. Therefore, you should really enjoy the movie tonight.

Anonymous said...

and the girl in pink dropped her cigarette and the knee brace,can you say LAWSUIT????

Anonymous said...

9:42 you would think he, being the f'n genius he is, would have figgered out by now that ain't nobody reedin that bullshit,..not in the good ole wc anyway..we like fer hour veenies to be liberul, and wer smort enough alllreedie..

Anonymous said...

I know that the more liberal my weenie or veenie is the more fun it has as opposed to when my weenie is conservative..I wonder why that is ??

Anonymous said...

Number #27

I can hear wordbile now as the judge ....

Well ... She must have done something wrong in the past. I am ALL FOR IT. If she is clean she has nothing to worry about !!!

Long live Bush and his policy's as Wordbile goose steps out of the court room :)

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the media that has such an erection for BO never report that there was a rock concert before he spoke and that's the reason all the unemployed were able to catch a free concert and not there to hear OBammy?

Anonymous said...

Re: Fat Chicks "yo mama is so big she uses Loop 12 as a hula hoop"

Anonymous said...

Hey Barry
#3. Got an e-mail from a Capt in Iraq. Said Hussein Obama got off the plane and completely ignored all the men who had lined up to greet him. He was ushered into a very large tent area and again refused to acknowledge the other members of the services who had come to greet him..

#10.PPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLeeeeaaasssseeeeeget the Cancun dance video online!!!!!!!

Hey Wordkyle.....are you Ken Hughes or his alter-ego?

Anonymous said...

The guy running his campaign is at least smart enough to keep him out of the vet hospital. How embarrassing that would have been for him to try to explain his reasoning to the wounded.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe Christmas is 5 months from today....

Anonymous said...

Most workers in Germany are on summer holiday right now. They get about 8 weeks per year, not to mention all the national holidays. I don't understand their fascination with BO. I found many Germans to be somewhat discriminating against Americans during the 2 years I lived there.

wordkyle said...

1149 - no

942 et al - Interesting that you prefer to make me the subject of your posts, rather than the topic under discussion.

Even our host comments on the abilities of the person running Obama's campaign -- rather than the virtues of Obama himself. What kind of Presidency does that portend?

With Obama operatives set to hit Texas soon, maybe somebody should start asking some pertinent questions about their candidate regarding the issues. So far he's gotten by without being seriously challenged by anyone in the media.

His actions indicate that he's just another in a long line of Liberal Democrat candidates, with no new ideas.

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle, there's no way I'm voting for McCain. First, he's old as balls and old people get cranky. Plus, I want to get far, far away from Dubya. I would never vote for a Rep. in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Katie Couric of CBS News asked a question of McCain about Iraq - his answer was full of factual errors. That's not the unbelievable part. THe unbelievable part is that CBS edited the answer so it appears that McCain's answer is accurate !!!!
Don't take my word for it - watch yourself. copy & paste this link -

wordkyle said...

1222 - I'm glad your vote is based on well-thought-out logic after weighing all the possible consequences of the election. A stupid person would vote based on prejudice and knee-jerk deference to what they've been told by Liberals and the mainstream media.

1259 - You overstate the situation. More accurate is this opinion from The Raw Story website: "The latest bit of tricky editing does not seem to have changed McCain's overall meaning, and virtually all interviews are edited before they are broadcast. It seems the network in this case simply saved McCain from a bit of embarrassment in front of the evening news audience."

I daresay John McCain knows that Afghanistan started before Iraq.

I don't think anyone seriosly believes that any of the major networks are on McCain's side in this election.

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle -
Quote - " It seems the network in this case simply saved McCain from a bit of embarrassment in front of the evening news audience."

Um, that's unbiased reporting?

And that's CBS too, not the sly & biased FOX network.

Oh wait, you think the media (except FOX) is biased AGAINST McCain & FOR Obama? I don't know how you explain what CBS did for McCain here that would match your viewpoint, but I am absolutely SURE you will.

It cracks me up when I read your posts. In almost every post, you do the exact same thing as you oh-so-righteously accuse your opponent of doing.

Get to it, Dubya Kay.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see, Wordie, we are supposed to not hold McCain accountable for what he SAYS in WORDS; we just need to assume that he knows what he is talking about even when his WORDS indicate otherwise.

Gotcha! Sure, I'm gonna do that.

No, on second thought, I'm not gonna do that. You are the one that is gonna do that, as shown in the way you brushed off CBS's edit.

If that had been Obama that CBS had changed his answer in order to save him some "embarrassment" you would be all in a tither saying "See! Another example of the media's liberal bias!!"

Anonymous said...

I doubt seriously Obama people are going to waste a nickel on Texas.

This is Bush Country! By God, his is our finest hour! Not to worry, tho, with W gone, we still have Perry and King. Yep, we run deep.

Nothng going to change our minds.

Anonymous said...

Forgot left one out, Bush, Delay, Perry, and King

wordkyle said...

151 & 157 - If it were simply my opinion, and that I had "brushed off" the McCain interview, you might have a point.

However, the quote that I mentioned came from a decidedly anti-McCain website. (Clear if you read the entire story.) They cut him slack on this interview because it was insignificant.

If this were indeed a "cover up," CBS would not have made the full interview and transcript available online, which they did.

Shall we also devote time to Obama's claim of having visited fifty-seven states during the campaign?

Although useful as ripostes on an internet blog, neither one of these occurrences is significant in the broader scheme. Much more important are matters such as Obama's proposal for a new global tax Americans get to pay to the United Nations.

Anonymous said...


The county collects permit fees to use those "public ramps" but won't maintain the property. The folks that spend the money on the permits organized a clean-up day... the fight is with the gripe-ass neighbor next door... who doesn't want anyone to use the ramps...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for pointing out that Obama is far too verbose. He certainly has a great amount of nothing. The greatest speeches were indeed performed by people who actually had something to say. Lincoln's Gettysburg address along with those you mentioned makes the point. Like you, I am tired of hearing Obama.

Anonymous said...

I was quoting your source, what you quoted, Wordkyle.

I have no desire to read the whole story of your sources when I am just speaking to you about your post. I thought I was being fair to you by quoting what you quoted since I was responding to you.

Anonymous said...

"CBS Spokesman distorts Standard of Editing on Couric-McCain interview. Here's the proof,", July 23, 2008

Anonymous said...

You folks crack me up piling on Wordkyle and making yourselves look even dumber than you must be in real life.

For the record: I am 51 years old and have voted ONCE in my life. That vote was cast for J.C. (the other one, not of the new testament). Anyway it was apparent shortly thereafter that as a young, emotional voter, I was grossly underqualified to participate in the selection of a good leader for my country.

Fast forward to 2008::....
For the first time in 32 years I am going to register and vote. That vote will go for John McCain. I would have preferred Ron Paul, but the bottom line is any small thing I can do to prevent BHO from getting into the White House will hopefully atone for my participation in the Carter debacle.

wordkyle said...

316 - The part of the quote that you ignored was "The latest bit of tricky editing does not seem to have changed McCain's overall meaning, and virtually all interviews are edited before they are broadcast."

In other words, nothing unusual occurred, and this is all a tempest in the Liberal blogsophere teapot. By their lack of coverage of the matter (on their websites) NBC News, ABC News, the LA Times, New York Times, Washington Post and Reuters -- none of which are known as friends of Republicans -- apparently agree.

Anonymous said...

I love WordKyle!

A) he's highly intelligent
B) he has the patience to attempt educating monkeys
C) he's RIGHT

So there.

Anonymous said...

Barry, You must watch too much CNN. Here is just another example of media bias. German authorities reported that at the time of the speech, there were only 20,000 people in attendance. Before the speech when 2 of Germany's top rock and roll bands performed, there were upwards of 200,000 people. Talk about a buzz kill! B Hussein really knows how to disperse a crowd.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hot chicks = hot chicks. Headwear isn't part of the equation.

Anonymous said...

Edit: Troopers are the ones that keep you in business by putting drunks behind bars. Troops are the ones that do the heavy lifting that keep your ACLU liberal weenie ass safe.

RPM said...

There were so many Germans gathered that France did a pre-emptive surrender!

Anonymous said...

Dance Club Barron?

gern blansten said...

any comments on why the NY Times runs an editorial by Obama, then REFUSES to run an editorial by McCain? They don't even bother hiding their bias anymore (not my original thought, but I agree)...

Anonymous said...

i expect you all to soon find yourselves in the same food lines, wondering how in the fu**ing hell did this happen?? our country is already so far past corrupt and all you sheeple continue to blaimstorm..the world is much different than 25 years ago when pres. reagan was the leader of the greatest country ever. our currency ($) which used to be backed by gold is now in debt more than we will ever be able to repay..i believe our future is inevitable, and on a scale never before seen in this country..

Anonymous said...

Ask not what your country can do for you-Ask what your country can do for me to embellish my resume. BHO 08

wordkyle said...

943 - I'm glad we have enlightened people like yourself who know how the world really works. If I understand you right, the future is inevitable (on a scale never before seen!)

A question: I understand that the national debt is too high (which is what I think you mean when you say the "currency" is in debt) -- when we're all in food lines, who will be providing the food?

Also, as a percentage of GDP the national debt is high, but not the highest it's ever been. If politicians can ever quit buying votes with our money the debt will go down rapidly. When you hear a politician talk about "the richest 1%" or "their fair share of taxes," he is about to buy votes. The so-called "wealthy" pay almost all the taxes collected.

And, as enlightened as you are, I'm sure you already knew that the gold standard in America was dropped twenty years before Reagan took office.

While I don't share your pessimistic outlook on the future, I recognize that we need to improve our country. The very conditions you describe are a product of the policies Democrats like Obama promise -- they aren't even secretive about it anymore.

Obama wants Americans to pay an extra tax simply so the United Nations can give money away to other countries, without any
reciprocal benefit to us.

If you are as concerned as you seem to want to appear, you ought to get involved in the battle, rather than simply kibitzing.

Anonymous said...

Well you believe a lot of things that aren't true, Mr. Glass-Half-Full, so maybe that will hold up for your beleifs about the future. We were never on the gold standard during the Reagan administration or since. But you are right we need to get a hold of this debt.

Question 1: Who is the only President since Kennedy whose budget decreased the deficit every single year he was in office, and in the last 3 years created a decent SURPLUS? CLINTON! I know you hate to admit that but tis true. I also know Presidents get both more blame and credit that they deserve in regard to our complicated economy, but still he deserves some credit for that.

Question 2 Who is the only President to lead us into war and initiate a tax decrease at the same time? Dubya Bush. Could be at least part of the reason for this debt, which he has acrued more debt in his administration than any other president. Guess who acrued the 2nd most debt? Reagan!

Awh for the good ole days of Clinton, and no I could care less what kind of husband he is, as if anybody really knows what goes on in people's private lives. Some that rant and rave the most about others mistakes are the ones with the most skeletons in the closet.
And who doesn't have things in their personal past that they wish they could do over. It's called life and learning from mistakes.

Anonymous said...

And who is now dealing with the Iranian, North Korea and Chinese nuclear threat? Thanks Bill for selling our secrets so that you could build on your legacy with a presidential library and adult video store. Where are all of those dot com jobs that "Bill created" during his terms? Where is all of the oil that we could now be using from ANWAR? Talk about kicking the can down the road.

Anonymous said...

ok then i giess i'll see you in the f'n food lines..if there's any food that the chinese, muslims, mexicans, indians w/turbines, gang-bangers, niggers and lawyers haven't already taken by force or fear...we my friends (white guys) are in a struggle for our rightful, earned and deserved place in american society..if we're not careful ours will be the rights taken away..btw i hate almost all politicians, w least of all...!!

wordkyle said...

1024 - Let's stop this extension of the Clinton myth in its tracks.

Point 1: Clinton did not "decrease the deficit every single year he was in office." The deficit increased in some years during his administration, and his final effective budget increased the deficit by $115 billion from the year before.

Point 2: What the above means is that Clinton never had a surplus. This is one of the chronic lies told by Clinton supporters. It simply isn't true. There was a budget deficit every single year under Clinton.

Point 3: The national debt increased every single year during Clinton's presidency.

Point 4: Clinton benefited from the dot-com bubble of the 90s that made so many people wealthy. Their increased income meant they paid more in federal taxes and into Social Security.

The dot-com bubble burst during 2000-01, just as Clinton's presidency ended. His was the only administration that benefited.

Point 5: Bush and the Republicans have rightly been criticized from all sides for their crazed spending while in power. They found out the hard way that their constituency does not wish to be bought off. But there is no truth to the myth that Clinton left a "surplus" that Bush squandered.

The numbers are here.

Anonymous said...

like i said..all this blamestorming is not solving any problems...who thinks we're not headed for a very dark economic future?? who caused this ? what can we all do together to solve our country's problems first?? i don't care who did what in the past..we must focus only on our childrens future...GOD BLESS USA

mzchief said...

You WordKyle Haters Are A Hoot!

I truly enjoy when the WordKyle haters get revved up and post some way crazy crap. It gives WordKyle the chance to shoot them down and post information with VALID links substantiating his FACTS.

I would like to thank the WordKyle haters for their entertainment value and the opportunity for WordKyle to post INFORMATION

Anonymous said...

Mzchief and Wordkyle are truly agents of Almighty God.

No truth would exist on this board without these two.

FACTS and RESEARCH - the perfect merge!!

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that you back of your facts not with some established think tank or source, intstead you go to one a site with one person's opinion. YOu are being pretty tricky here.

As usual, wordkyle, you present your lies so strenously that I wonder if you really do believe them. Are you a master of self-deception, or worse, or you just a habitual liar? Even I ask myself - How could someone state those things and be so wrong and really believe them? I don't know how you do it, I don't personally know anyone that lies so believably. I don't perceive you to be a malicious liar, but time and time again you present falsehoods as facts. THis time you went against common knowledge accepted by all except by a few right wing nuts.

Under the Clinton administation, the deficit was smaller every year than the it was when he took office, and the last 3 years there was a nice SURPLUS, the first time since Kennedy administration. No one of any real standing argues other wise. You really are a right wing eccentric who creates his facts from the falsehoods of other far right eccentrics, I guess.

BTW, is not tied to either political party- it's part of the Annenberg foundation, a widely-respected educational foundation.

Check it out - I dare you. (Copy & paste)

Notice: their source is the Congressional Budget Office. You can't argue with those numbers. Actually I'm sure Wordkyle will - fact mean nothing to him.

I am also surprised that mzchief is such a devoted fan of yours; she seems smarter than that, even if she is arrogant about her intelligence.

wordkyle said...

309 - With that much venom, you should have some sort of super-villain name. Anybody got any suggestions?

Let's do this simply. If we look at the Treasury Department's website, we can see the National Debt for any given day. Since the government's budget year begins on October 1, we can look at the historical numbers for September 30. Here we go:


9/30/1997 - 5,413,146,011,397.34
9/30/1998 - 5,526,193,008,897.62
9/30/1999 - 5,656,270,901,633.43
9/30/2000 - 5,674,178,209,886.86
9/30/2001 - 5,807,463,412,200.06

Please demonstrate in which of those years there was a "surplus." In fact, the National Debt increased every year, just as I said.

I directed readers to that particular website because the explanation was clear (especially the section on Social Security revenue) and bypassed bureaucratic doublespeak.

That notoriously partisan Republican newspaper USA Today ran a story making this same claim. A pertinent paragraph from that story:

"The Clinton administration reported a surplus of $559 billion in its final four budget years. The audited numbers showed a deficit of $484 billion."

Being unpleasantly wrong does not make you right.

wordkyle said...

A cautionary tale:

Let’s pretend that citizen “Bill Clinton,” the head of a household, brings home $1500 in pay every month, but his monthly bills add up to $2000, so the Clinton household goes in the hole $500; that is, they run a deficit.

Let’s say Bill’s neighbor, “Social Security,” gets a bonus check from her job, and she’s afraid she’ll spend it. She brings $1000 to Bill to hold for her. She’ll get it back from him later; say, when she’s ready to retire. Bill promises her that he’ll hold onto it for her.

Instead, Bill takes her $1000 and pays all his bills for the month. “Yippee!” says Bill Clinton. “We have a $500 surplus!”

Anonymous said...

thank you wurdie, i wouldn't have thought of that...which one of your guys did not help rape the us taxpayers?? i don't believe ANY of the numbers our govt. reports to the people are about inflation @ 1.6% BS..unemployment..5.5% debts owed by americans, how many trillions?? Do you have any idea how many dollars in DERRIVATIVES(assets with no tangible equity) are held by all the largest US Banks and the US GOVERNMENT? example: citibank alone has $6 trillion in these worthless "assets" on their books..remember the govt. allows banks to operate in much the same way as's called FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING..could you please explain this to all us idiots so we can understand what this means..?? thanx...

wordkyle said...

826 - It means that institutions can get away with things that a regular citizen would go to jail for.

Don't believe for a second that I condone or approve of what government does with our money. Bureaucrats and politicians are not the most trustworthy people.

Anonymous said...

841 what can regular citizens do to MAKE OUR GOVT. ACCOUNTABLE ??? i feel helpless...

Anonymous said...

so that's your answer??????????

Anonymous said...

it sure feels like the gov. controls every aspect of life in america..and no doubt will continue to both control and tax us to f'n death..personally i think the french revolution best illustrates my feeling for how our elected kings and queens(especially the queens,pelosi, clinton,barney frank etc..) should be dealt with..! I SAY OFF WITH THEIR FU*K*N* HEADS..along with their ENABLERS..!!

Anonymous said...

309 does not seem particularly venomous, especially compared to some of the things thrown around on this site.
Maybe he's getting too close to home, which makes him appear to you to be a super villain???

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle - SURELY you know, the terms DEFICIT & SURPLUS refer to ONE FISCAL year. Let's use small numbers here, for the sake of space:
Gov't takes in $10
Gov't spends $ 8
We have a $2 surplus FOR THAT YEAR.

Gov't takes in $10
Gov't spends $13
We have a $3 deficit FOR THAT YEAR.

The term NATIONAL DEBT comes from totaling ALL the years of deficits & surpluses, & of course, since we have had continuous years of deficits since Vietnam, and only 3 years of (Clinton) surpluses, then that TOTAL remains a NATIONAL DEBT and every year we still have a national debt. 3 years of surpluses will not wipe out many years of deficits, especially since we only pay the interest every year, we have NOT paid down the debt since Vietnam either. THe surplus of those 3 years was not used to pay down the debt either, and interest continued to accrue during the year. THere was some talk of using the surplus to pay down the debt, but talk stopped when Bush took office and the deficit reappeared the first time his administration did the budget.

You are either incredibly ignorant on this subject, or incredibly dishonest.

This information is in any Gov't 101 class, or even high school government.

You can indeed find this information in regard to the Clinton surplus (do your own search) at , an arm of the prestigious and widely respected Annenberg Foundation.

Anonymous said...

9:49 lets not get too far ahead of yourself by proclaiming there were ever any actual surpluses to begin with(even allen greesepan always called them PERCEIVED surpluses)..lets not forget Clinton inherited a country forged by Reagan/Bush and (R) congress economic and national security policies..whereas W inherited a country forged by Clinton policies, whatever they might have been, one thing for certain..he was weak on hunting down terrorist who attacked us many times during his W had to make very difficult decisions because of 9-11, bad intelligence, and a country whose manufacturing and tech jobs had already been outsourced to china and india etal..WE MUST SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS FOR OURSELVES BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE..!!

wordkyle said...

949 - Thank you for your unnecessary lesson. The parable above nicely explains surplus/deficit as I see it. Even using your definition, there would be no "surplus" for Bush to squander.

You strain to emphasize's credibility and impartiality a bit much. At this moment there are twelve "Recent Postings" on their main webpage.

7 are negative against McCain, 2 against Obama. Their impartiality is questionable.

947 - The level of venom regularly sprayed toward me on this site is pretty high, and so it has become acceptable to everyone. I like to call attention to the fact occasionally.

Anonymous said...

dubya kay - Still, that is the way we commonly use the terms deficit & surplus in regards to the government's budgets. I am quite sure if Dubya had a budget with the same numbers as the last 3 years of Clinton's budgets, we would all be using the term "surplus" to describe his budget too. Those are just the accepted terms for any government budget.

Anonymous said...

10:52 WK -
Um, no one is forcing you to visit this website to receive that "venom regularly sprayed toward" you. No one's asking you to be a martyr you know.
But if you choose to keep coming here and being "regularly sprayed" with venom, you really should not feel so sorry for yourself.

wordkyle said...

1228 - You mistake my point. Those who disagree with me generally get personal with their arguments, rather than address the issue. As I said, I like to call attention to that fact occasionally.

1221 - So, contrary to the popular myth, and confirming the point of my "cautionary tale," Clinton could not leave a "surplus" for Bush to "squander."

Anything called a "surplus" is simply government smoke and mirrors -- which is the point of the USA Today article I cited earlier.