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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

- The "hey, now" above might be a teacher who ran off with a 14 year old student. Maybe.
- I wonder how many people at ExxonMobile actually set the wholesale price of gas? Three? Ten? One?
- Man, someone went off on me about my Decatur Assault In Front Of Marine Office post yesterday. I never understand why people go so nuts over words.
- I started watching AFI's top 10 movies in 10 categories last night. It started out great, but it was slanted towards some very old and very obscure movies. (All lists here.)
- WBAP's Mark Davis says that Obama is 100% "unelectable"
- Sixty three people were blown to bits in Baghdad yesterday. John McCain doesn't mind if we are there for another 100 years. And, uh, Obama is "unelectable?"
- Bud Kennedy of the Star Telegram points out today that a company that provides food for Wise and Tarrant County jails was involved in an ugly bribery case in Potter County. Wise County might be rethinking that relationship.
- That expanding ad at the top of the Star Telegram home page is driving me insane.
- There was a DWI trial in the Wise County Court at Law on Monday which was weird because I wasn't involved in it. But I heard it ended in a 4-2 hung jury. And from what I also heard, it looked like a "horrible" defense jury because a probation officer and a cop from Grapevine were on it.
- Began watching the first 30 minutes of the first episode of the first season of The Wire last night on DVD. Oh, man -- It's great. I love stuff that feels "authentic" and this feels that way big time.
- Latest crazy dream from last night: Cops wanted me to sell drugs to a buddy and laid their guns on the table as they explained it would be in "my best interest." I didn't and the next thing I know there was gunfire busting out in a hotel lobby. (I wonder if that had anything to do with The Wire?)
- From what I can tell, there was a crazy attempt to execute Charles Dean Hood out of Collin County. Stay with me here: Around 5:00 p.m., a district judge in Collin County "withdrew" the death warrant. Prosecutors immediately appealed to the Court of Criminal Appeals who overturned that ruling (they stayed open past 5:00?) and then the Supreme Court got involved and, less than an hour before midnight, cleared the way for the execution. But the "death warrant" was set to expire at midnight (huh?) and the guy holding all the death chemicals for Texas didn't have time to follow all the "protocol." So Gov. Perry granted a 30 day reprieve so the execution could be done correctly. Incredible.
- That case has received a lot of media attention lately when the condemned killer's lawyers accused the district judge who presided over his case, Sue Holland, of sleeping with the elected DA at the time of the trial. (The second trial case I was ever involved in was a civil suit tried in front of Holland - I don't think she was sleeping with anyone back then.)
- Pin sold at Texas Republican Convention: "If Obama is President ... will we still call it The White House?" Picture. The vendor has been banned and the Republican Party has expressed "shock." Riiiiggggghhhhhttttt.
- I'd visit a Spider Monkey Park.
- That crazy midget Mexican who dresses up as Hilary Clinton has released another youtube video. (Language warning.) But the guy in the "Machine mask" doesn't make an appearance which limits its typical family appeal.
- We'd all be a lot smarter if we watched the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, etc.
- Texas Justice: Dallas County is having a budget shortage so county commissioners are asking misdemeanor judges to get more fines in the criminal cases. Incredible, again.
- I keep forgetting about that gal rowing across the Pacific Ocean. She's on day 24.
- Tim Russert's son was interviewed by Matt Lauer on Monday on The Today Show. The son, a recent college graduate, seemed oddly composed. And Matt Lauer is the best in the business.