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Unlike Anna

. . . I got this email tonight that slipped past my fortress of Gmail filters. It's fairly creative, making me think there's a shocking video of me (get in line, buddy), but that .exe at the end of it means it's a program. (And, yes, I hovered over it to confirm that was the destination.)

The dumb part is that the link didn't have to have to reveal it's true destination. It could have looked like a youtube address instead of ending in .exe. I would hope I would have been smart enough not to click on it (and, if I did, I hope my browser and virus protection would fire off a warning.)


RPM said...

I think Anna's engrish spelling is just bad. She's trying to say it's a sEXE video.

gern blansten said...

That's weird. But just for your information, luis palau is an evangelist that does radio spots on Air1 Christian Radio, and perhaps other things that I'm not aware of. He's really good, too!