Mrs. Green #7

Well, it's a pretty big night for yours truly. This is 29 year old Anna from Cheboksary, Russia who just sent me an unsolicited email. Let's just say that she paid 1000 "roubles" to get my email address because - yep - she be looking for a husband in the good old USA. She's a self-described "gentle and the fragile girl which demands love and respect." What a coincidence! That's perfect for me!!

And she engages in "fitness and volleyball." Man, I've hit the motherlode.

One downside: Her English and grammar (which you guys know I'm a stickler for for which I am a stickler), ain't that good. But what do you expect from a Russkie? I'll work with her.

Let's just say I might not make it to work tomorrow. Ya know, to each according to his need - or something like that.