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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

- If I can find the Tru Channel, there's suppossed to be a documentary/reality show on drilling rigs in Texas called "Black Gold" starting Wednesday. Sounds pretty good.
- I normally don't sit around and watch golf, but I was standing in front of the TV on Saturday at the end of the third round of the U.S. Open. You'll have to be a golf fan, but somebody's spliced the last two holes of Tiger Woods on youtube here.
- It's not summer yet.
- I don't have sprinkler system, and I got real close to leaving a lone sprinkler on all last night. Remembered it at the last moment. I'll do that about once a year.
- Crazy wreck on 635 yesteday in Dallas that had the freeway shut down for hours. One oddity: Last night most news outlets were saying a lady got killed when she got out of her car to take a picture of the crash. This morning, I'm hearing that she got out of her car to "possibly help."
- The Tony Awards were last night. I've never cared about them.
- You've got to see the Rangers turn Shea Stadium into a Slip N Slide on Saturday.
- I rarely watched Meet The Press but I TIVO'd it this weekend to see how they handled the Tim Russert death. It opened with an empty chair behind the desk on an empty and quiet set.
- Saw something advertised on Fox nationally about "credit card addiction." Addiction? Puhleeze.
- A teenager, a shotgun, a fat man, a Hummer, and an F-Bomb. Good times.
- Do presidential and vice-presidential candidates have to be from different states? I could have sworn the answer was yes because I recall some controversy eight years ago as to whether Dick Cheney was a resident of Texas or Wyoming. But, the answer is "no".
- The Whataburger on Western Center Blvd was robbed last night.
- The Texas Bar Journal published the four winners of their amateur short story contest. (I promise myself every year I'm going to enter it.) The first one bored me to tears in that it was about a lawyer helping out a high school girl that had been denied a chance to try out for the cheerleading the squad. The second one, written by a new law clerk, was about a depressed lawyer in a bar waiting for a hooker to show up. Diversity rules. (Still haven't read the other two.)
- R. Kelly quietyly won an acquittal on child porn charges last Friday. I can't remember which awards show it was a couple of years ago, but I remember the host asking the audience to be sure that Kelly was seated far away from the Olsen twins.
- One of the WBAP traffic helicopters wouldn't start this morning. Seriously. But they did make a funny ball-bearing reference from Fletch.
- I saw my niece yesterday. When she was born, I remember an Hispanic man in the waiting room who appeared to be grieving after receiving some bad news. I've always felt guilty about not saying something to him that day.
- Finished the Pat Tillman book. I feel sorry for her (his mom, the author) because she's filled with so much hatred and bitterness.
- I'm almost through with Empire of The Sun. Good but nothing great. And I can't believe the DVD I have next to watch: Coming To America. I've never seen it.
- I'm going to attempt to watch the DVD series of the HBO show, The Wire. I've never seen an episode but everyone raves about it.
- You would think a prison break in Afghanistan were at least 400 Taliban members were freed would be pretty big news. Any of you hear about it happening last Thursday?