Random Friday Morning Thoughts

- I got stuck outside my office this morning because I forgot my keys. So I sat outside for about 45 minutes. It might have been my best 45 minutes of the week.
- Except the part when a big old wet dog came up and tried to lick me.
- 14 songs you should never play in a bar.
- I wonder if any family actually sits down together at the breakfast table?
- I once got in trouble at the breakfast table for "swallowing too loudly."
- Get Smart was a horrible TV show and the new movie by the same name is getting horrible reviews. Is Steve Carell really that funny?
- Went back to Hulu yesterday. Amazing.
- I've been thinking about the fictional Spider Monkey Park all week, too.
- Once I heard that two guys had been killed outside of a Garland music studio, I figured it was some Tupac wannabees. Turned out to be Christian artists. (And three guys have been stopped in the car of one of the dead guy's in East Texas.)
- On most evenings, I never say a word out loud.
- Souped up golf cart face plant. Good times.
- Parent fight at Pop Warner football game. Not good times. Edit: Link fixed.
- I have this weird fear that some day the world will stop rotating.
- I think I could put in a sprinkler system with a little practice. Except that part of hooking it up to the water supply - which would be kind of important.
- Last week John McCain said he was "very angry" over the "obscene profits" the oil companies were making. Whose team is he on?
- The Hollywood Walk of Fame has a ton of people on it. And it just got 25 more. I was going to object to some of them, but I really couldn't. Except for Tinkerbell.