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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

- John McCain canceled an appearance with oilman Clayton Williams yesterday after someone finally told McCain about Williams "just lay back and take it" joke from almost 20 years ago. I remembered the incident but I had forgotten the video footage of Williams not shaking Ann Richards hand that I saw on Fox 4. That did not look good.
- For a moment this morning, there was a yellow tint over the sky and landscape that made me think of "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"
- "We appreciate the fact that you chose to set fire to an unoccupied building at night when the risk was lower, and we will not forget that." - Paul Maldonado, State Fire Marshal, in a news conference yesterday speaking to the unknown arsonist of the Governor's mansion.
- A reporter, after hearing the above comment, said that it appeared that a plea bargain would "be on the table." Note to arsonist: Cops don't plea bargain nor do they have the authority to.
- Looks like some prosecutor in Dallas County got a DWI. It will be interesting to see how DA Craig Watkins handles this. His predecessors would always fire them on the spot. But, as you may have noticed, he's a bit kinder and gentler. (And Tarrant County always gives second chances.) Edit: FrontBurner has pictures. Extra edit: He has resigned.
- I think Arab convenience store workers in Wise County are more likely to ask you small talk questions than other clerks.
- I've never been in that Boston's Pizza (or whatever it is) off I-35 near Western Center Boulevard in Fort Worth.
- I think I constantly make a reference to "Western Center Boulevard."
- And in Richardson, it looks like some lady was chopped to pieces in a possible "drug deal gone bad." When the local news won't exactly describe what was done to her because it's "too gruesome", it probably is.
- This is the 14th anniversary of the O.J. Simpson car chase. I remember it being a Friday night and I had just came in from water skiing on Lake Bridgeport. That was surreal. And I think the NBA Championship was going on and that network went with "picture in a picture" technology.
- Speaking of, you never see "picture in a picture" advertised much, if at all, any more.
- I received a new wallet as a gift. Now I have to get rid of my 15 year old wallet - which I gladly did.
- It drives me nuts that the Feds are prosecuting Lori Drew in the cyber bullying case, and it drives me nuts every time I see the suicide victim's mother on TV. Does she want to take some responsibility for raising a 13 year old daughter that decided to kill herself simply because of what someone wrote to her?
- Still haven't watched Recount.
- I remember playing golf with a group of guys (at, of all place Tenison Park in Dallas) the year before Tiger Woods turned pro. All three of them proclaimed, "Wait until he has to play with the big boys." I figured they were right.
- I bet it's easier writing "Random Thoughts" than it is the Wise County Messenger Update.
- I hate smoking as much as the next guy, but why does the public idly sit by as the government in Dallas tells a private bar on private land that it cannot let private citizen smoke on a cigarette which is a legal product?
- I don't know who WordKyle is. (People ask me that a lot.)
- Hey, I'm as frustrated as you that Britney Spears has cut back on her crazy clothes wearing paparazzi pics.
- Ok, the newly opened 380 between Bridgeport and Decatur is great. But when are they going to raise the speed limit to something above 55?
- I've gone over a year without back pain, but I felt a twinge this morning. Makes me nervous.
- Everybody is still moaning about the Guantanamo Bay Supreme Court decision but all the complaints all have the same theme: "I can't believe we are giving rights to terrorists." That's the problem: We are assuming they are terrorists and the Court is just asking the government to come forward with some proof to back that up. Seems reasonable to me.