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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

- I don't know about the legal significance of it, but convicted killer Darlie Routier is going to have some evidence tested for DNA. I've always had a reasonable doubt about her guilt. And she's kind of hot - which pretty much is reasonable doubt in my eyes.
- Politics #1: Somebody needs to tell John Cornyn that the cowboys in Brokeback Mountain looked more manly than he did in this silly video played for the state republican convention. I can't stand that guy. (Thanks emailer.)
- Politics #2: Kudos to Fox 4 for calling out Joe Barton, Pete Sessions, Kay Granger, and Michael Burgess for showing up at a closed Tom Thumb in Arlington for a photo-op of "we feel your economic" pain. Segment worth watching here. It was a clear message: That media outlet will not be your lap dog.
- WBAP just made a reference to "Boonesville" when talking about the weather. You think those folks in the metroplex giggle a little over that name?
- KLIF in the early morning hours is insane. Caller this morning: "Everything started going downhill as soon as they took prayer out of our schools" and "What we need to do is get rid of that Democratic congress." It's a regular Think Tank over there.
- Nothing powers me down more than Wheel Of Fortune or Deal or No Deal.
- Watch a little of Jon Stewart last night. I'd forgotten how funny his monologue can be.
- I like the Blue Mesa restaurant in Fort Worth but I haven't been in a long time. (There's also one in Southlake.)
- If you flip through the premium movie channels, odds are you'll see Nicolas Cage.
- Almost all super hero movies bore me (with the exception of the last Batman move.)
- How can your average mall CD store stay in business?
- Whenever you see an ad for a prescription drug in a magazine, you'll find another page describing it's side effects (I assume that's some FDA requirement.) But over the last six months I've noted that the typeface of the warnings has become significantly larger.
- I just downloaded Scott McClellan's What Really Happened. It's a little over 11 hours long.
- While I wasn't paying attention, the State of Iowa became submerged.
- Yesterday The Ticket played the youtube clip I created about Ron Jackson needing an engineer. It's great when I can change the course of history like that.
- Barbara Haddox resigned yesterday as "Case Supervisor" for the Wise and Jack County CASA unit. Not sure what that means, but I think it's a little chaotic over there.
- There's still one machine in Decatur where you can get a Dallas Morning News for 50 cents even though the face value is 75 cents.
- Someone's hatin' on me. (And I'll get around to explaining that "Abuse of Discretion" thing.) Edit: Ok, you guy's be nice to Kevin. You think I'm going to print that stuff when I've got to work with the guy?
- TXU has introduced a thermostat you can control via the Internet. I'm sure it's easy to set up.
- I've never understood why we are offered a chance to "leave a page" on a cell phone.
- I've used the Firefox browser for a couple of years. Love it. And the third version was "officially" released yesterday.
- It's official: America will not survive.


Anonymous said...

Pertaining to Granger, Barton and the other two politicians and their "compassionate walk" through the supermarket, in the ST editorial section today a REPUBLICAN blasted these folks.

And did we note the sweet photo of four of our Wise County Republican women at the Austin convention?

It thrills me to be represented by such caring individuals from Washington to Wise County.

Anonymous said...

Hey now, tap on the brakes, Vanna is still haught

I'm just sayin

Collectionsite said...

So ...

Who poured Kevin a

"Big Ole' Glass of Hateraide" ?

I cant wait to hear this story ...

Kevin L. Henry said...

No hate...just for fun.
Besides, it's not like Barry hides it.

Kevin L. Henry said...

perhaps I merely envy the success of his blog.

Anonymous said...

Is "hatin'on me" a new Paramount picture? Honey, hold my beer and pass me the tub of buttered popcorn. This is going to be a great flick! Hope it's in blu-ray 5.1

Kevin L. Henry said...

Does "Broken Gargoyles" dare take on "Liberally Lean"?
Maybe not today, boys and girls.
I do admire the new gizmos he has attached to his like this floating post window. Good stuff.

Kevin L. Henry said...

Regarding Routier:
I heard Toby Shook on KRLD this morning commenting on how DNA wouldn't prove or disprove anything in that case. He says it was all of the other evidence that got her. All I know about the case is what I heard on TV. I don't know what they might be looking for with DNA testing. Do they think they will find DNA of some mysterious other person to support her claim? If they do find some strange DNA, does it really prove anything? I guess it depends on where they might find it.

Anonymous said...

barry your such a liberal! O my gosh! As I read your blog left wing big time!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for leaving out the small breasts and fat thighs.

Double Fake Hillary Clinton

Anonymous said...

If they ain't haiten, you must be soing something wrong!

Keep it up Barry, They can't kick you in your ass unless they are behind you!


The Devil said...

Is there any truth to the rumor that Church's Chicken is only serving left wings in their chicken buckets in observance of Juneteenth?

Jarhead said...

Uh oh, looks like an attorney death match a-brewing. Henry v. Green in a slap fight to the finish!

How many of you would show up to watch two lawyers knock the snot out of each other? I might. Mr. Henry looks pretty fit as I imagine Mr. Green is with all of his running. Judging by his photo I think Mr. Henry may have a bit of a size advantage, however. Someone who knows Barry once told me that he's about 5'4" and I can't tell from Mr. Henry's picture, but he looks to have a much longer reach.

Let's get it on!!

bigfan said...

I just read henry's blog, and he has already posted a somewhat apology/explanation....BG's got balls, and sticks by what he post's...right or wrong i might add..hang in there BG, Jarhead thinks your small, but you have wit!

Anonymous said...

Double Fake Whatever!
I am your biggest fan (I think), but you let me down on this post. I didn't vote for Hillary, but I think these kind of things are just wrong. You don't see men running for president having their body parts ridiculed.

Double Fake's Sincere (but annoyed) Fan

Jarhead said...

Wit will only get you so far in a vicious slap fight. You gotta keep your head on a swivel out there...

If you want to throw down fisticuffs, fine. I've got Jack Johnson and Tom O'Leary ready for ya.

Stay classy, bigfan.

Denney Crane said...

Personally, I thought it was a fair and concise commentary on the blog...for someone without a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

You "work with" that guy? I hope you are being sweet and he sweeps up around the courthouse.

Another FOBUB said...

Henry certain seems to be moderating his comments. I'll bet Kevin will think before he posts again.

Anonymous said...


"I'm sorry, so sorry
Please accept my apology
But love was blind
And I was too blind to see"

Double Fake Brenda Lee

Anonymous said...

I love Blue Mesa, too! Their brunch is the best deal going. It's only like $16 and you get unlimited mimosas, made to order omlets, carved ham, tons of mexican food and great desserts! I think it's only available on Sundays!

Anonymous said...

Didn't they make fun of president Bush for how his ding-dong looked in that flight suit?

AnObiter said...

Don't be such a baby, Barry. You criticize colleagues right & left; Kevin was merely doing the same...seems like a nice guy. Wish other commentors weren't so unnecessarily mean all the time.

Anonymous said...

The Fox 4 piece was great. Wouldn't have caught it otherwise.
My favorite display of a person refusing to used politically still goes to Courtney Love at a Dem. Fundraiser. Al Gore said to her,"Miss Love I just wanted to to say I'm a big fan of your music." She said,"Oh yeah? Name one f-in song!"
I always liked her but, that made me want to carry her babies and paint her toes and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Henry? Never heard of him before. I don't like him.

Anonymous said...

Double Fake Whatever,

OK - we're good again. How could I hold a grudge against someone who makes me laugh so much?

Double Fake's Sincere Fan

RPM said...

Jarhead, Barry may be small, but he's wirey! Worst whooping I ever got was from a guy that was about 1/2 my size. He hit me 3 times before I could blink.

Jarhead said...


Worst whoopin' I ever got was by a guy who had a D-cell battery in his fist.

Two hits.

Anonymous said...

Did y'all even have ANY idea Barry knows Karate?
Well, he does and several other Japanese words as well.

Anonymous said...

ohshit!!!i just realized that chick in the pic is samantha dancin over to reds place...i can't f'n believe it!!

Anonymous said...

Where was/is the strip club called The Red Door in the metroplex? I went there when I was about 16. It was just a big white building with a sidewalk running along the side that appropriately enough had a single width metal red door. The strippers had tattoos and stretch marks. A Korean lady with gigantic breasts sat in my lap and tried to steal my wallet. She smelled like fish, flowers and vanilla. After she would talk into my ear it would get cold from the a/c evaporating the moisture from her breath. I was pretty built up then and she would cup my pectoral muscles and say,"pretty,big,strong boy." She would then cup her breasts up and say,"I take you home for milk!" And laugh like it was the funniest thing she ever heard.
The two older guys I was with are long dead. For the life of me, I can't remember where that place was.
The End

Anonymous said...

sound like jar mama!!!

Jarhead said...


No understand post. Trying make joke about mama?

No successful make people laugh.

Kill self before make baby. World better place.

Anonymous said...

hey leave jar alone..he's shineing shoes right now!!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't Blue Mesa really be called Mesa Azul?

Double Fake Vincente Fox

Anonymous said...

I'll take Obama,Hillary and Jon Stewart in the White House for the apocalyptic antichrist trifecta please Alex.

the undomiciled sophisticate said...

You have to work with that guy? Sheesh, I thought my job was bad.