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Ron Needed An Engineer

Hey, I like Fox 4 News. I give them props all the time. But this was a moment of Broadcast Gold this afternoon. And I've always said that the local anchors would endear themselves to the public if they would just lighten up a bit. If Clarice had simply looked in the camera and said, "Our wheels are flying off right now", I'd never change the channel.


Anonymous said...

i'm glad you got that, i was watching the same thing and could not stop laughing

RPM said...

Kevin McCarthy's finest moment was when he shoved Clarice Tinsley in the pool on live TV.


Anonymous said...

Ron should have turned around to the camera and said something to the effect of "Hey folks, something's fubarred, and I need to talk to an engineer before I can tell you anything, so now, back to Clarice." I saw him one day at Tolbert's in downtown Big D, and he had a shiate-load of makeup on. I'm glad he hasn't succumbed to the evil effects of that stuff.

I remember when I worked at Tektronix, and whatever station Clarice worked at then used our equipment - the Grass Valley stuff. One of the on-site techs told me she was a short, bitchy little lady who sat on a stack of phone books when she read the newscast.

I remember going there once and seeing her in the elevator, and she was about four feet tall.

She's still there, so she apparently learned how to overcome her limitations.

Bulldog said...

On last nights channel 4 10 o'clock news, James Rose was talking about water rationing in Parker county and made the statement "when they go to stage 3rationing, you will have to water on either odd or even days." Is there another kind?

Anonymous said...

I love news moments like this!

gern blansten said...

Lay off the guy! He was just ordering a pizza for after the show! LOL

Justyvonne said...

Thanks RPM! I'm really hoping that Kevin's second finest moment was when he married me! Such a strange twist that I found this blog and have been reading it for a while...then I see Kevin's name. I also saw this broadcast by mere chance and that's one of the reasons I'm grateful I don't have to do live TV!!
Yvonne McCarthy