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Slow Again

Yep, another DWI trial in the same week. As I write this, I'm sitting in the courtroom with two potential jurors in the gallery (and it's before 8:00 a.m.). I try to get here earlier to at least give the jurors the impression I'm prepared and ready to go. This case will be a little trickier because it involves a breath test. But it's both a comfortable and stressful life practicing in Wise County. On the way up to the courthouse, I was able to look over to see if the prosecutor's car was in its normal spot behind Sweetie Pie Ribeye's (it was.) Then the judge honked at me as he drove by. And I entered the courthouse to see the same friendly faces as I always do. I'll try to keep you updated. Edit: Jury picked. Three men. Three women. Trooper has finished direct examination. Break for lunch. We'll show the video when we get back. Followed by officer cross. Then the "technical supervisor" of DPS who is allegedly in charge of the Intoxliyzer 5000. Had two clients on the jury panel. They didn't make it on the jury. Edit: Officer done. Video played. Edit: Ok, both sides rested and closed. It went much quicker than I thought it would. Technical Supervisor testified (she drives me nuts, but was fairly cooperative today.) And then my guy testified. Closing arguments tomorrow morning followed by jury deliberations. I'll let you know more tomorrow. I seriously doubt any of the jurors read The Blog but, just in case, I'll let you know more about the facts once this thing is over. Edit: Friday morning. Closing arguments begin at 9:00 a.m. Feel like I'm catching a cold.