The Campaign For DA


Hey, I Got A Letter To The Editior

The stealing of Yard Signs happens every election cycle, but that is not an excuse. It is still illegal and shameful to do so. The signs, which supporters of the candidates put in their yards, cost approximately $5 a piece. The campaign money that buys those signs is donated money from some hard working Americans and taxpayers. The “Tradition” of stealing Yard signs is almost as old as Voting itself. Politicians, both Democrat and Republican, would more than likely like this “tradition” to stop. For me personally, theirs something about stealing campaign signs, whether they be Democrat or Republican that is truly UNAMERICAN and not patriotic in the least and somehow the spirit of Democracy is broken when it is done. Being a Democrat, I feel that the reason that our Democratic Political signs are being stolen is because we have very strong candidates this year. I will assume that the person(s) responsible for taking down the signs are supporters of the Democrats and would like a sign for their yard to show their neighbors how they feel this election cycle. If I am wrong than I will think that you feel threatened by their popularity. Either way, this Democrat of Wise County will continue to support our Democrats and be proud to do so. If you need Political Yard signs for any Democrats, you may visit and contact us through our contact information page and we will be happy to bring you some.

Just in case anyone was wondering, the signs were placed legally and I have already checked with city inspectors, the police and the locations they were placed just in case they were mistakenly taken down, and they were not.