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I'm not particularly interested in SMU paying June Jones a fortune to become its new head football coach. But I was reminded that he almost died in this car crash in 2001.

Edit: Additional thought. Jones will be making $2 million per year placing his salary in the Top 20 in America. Amazing. UNT's Todd Dodge makes $266,000. Gary Patterson at TCU makes $1.29 million.


Anonymous said...

He was fortunate to survive since he didn't have is seatbelt fastened!

Anonymous said...

Leaving a tropical paradise for SMU? That wreck must have caused some brain spillage!

Anonymous said...

Oops--I mean "his" not "is"! Or am I turning into a Cockney-accented Englishman when I drop all the initial "h's" from my speech?

Anonymous said...

A guy named June? Is he Gay or sumthin?