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Legal News That Even I Don't Understand

Back in 2004, a verdict was handed down in Wise County for $23.6 million in connection with the death of a "Kim Hughes; her mother, Joyce Watkins, and her two children, Shiloh Hughes and Afton Hughes Royse, all of Paradise. Royse also lost her two unborn children." Last year, the Fort Worth Court of Appeals took away some of the damages but left most of the verdict intact. The defendants then appealed to the Texas Supreme Court that only has to hear the case if it wants to. Normally, the court's web site would say the Defendant's Petition for Discretionary Review was either "granted" or "denied." At least I think that's the way it works, but I haven't practiced civil law in 20 years. But the court's web site is showing that something is going on because it has requested both sides to submit "Briefs on the merits." (Here.) I'm sure someone out there can explain it. Edit: To "Family Friends". Sorry that I couldn't publish the comment.