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And, by the way, it has been 4,027 since the Cowboys last won a playoff game.

Edit: From today's Wade Phillips' press conference about the status of T.O.: “He was still limping [today], and we’ve got a little bit of a dilemma there,” Phillips said. “Looks like it will be a game-time decision. He couldn’t have played if the game was today.” Uh. Oh.


Anonymous said...

I got to correct you Barry on a story on the Spin. The headline did read Eagles Rally for Coach's First Win, but in the 2nd paragraph it says, "his first district win in just two tries." So I think they have won some games. I had to do a double take on that myself!

What I did catch was on the girls story:
The victory allowed DHS to move to 13-9 overall, but more importantly, 3-1 in District 8-3A play. PPHS dropped to 3-0 in league play.

How can Pilot Point be 3-0 when they lost????

Anonymous said...

Those 4027 (days) since the last Cowboy playoff win may well grow past this Sunday. The Giants are peaking and the Cowboys are well into their normal December/January crap-out.

Anonymous said...

noway i have to disagree w/u 10:37

We going 2 the bowl!

Anonymous said...


I didn't know that cowboy players and staff posted here on the blog.
Unless you are, "they" ARE going to a bowl. . . NOT! Either by the Giants this week or the Pack next, THEY are going down!