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I Can't Imagine

A two year old drowned in a backyard pool in Colleyville yesterday. Awful. The location was only referenced as the "6900 Block of Shephards Glen." Looks like a nice area. Not that that matters.


Anonymous said...

According to it is 6907 Shepherds Glen in Colleyville (

Anonymous said...

You can get a 5' high childproof "pool fence" around your pool for about $2500.00. That's alot of money, mind you, but if you can afford a house with a pool, you can't afford not to have a pool fence if you have children. That's a damn shame and makes me sick, but those **cking parents who can afford a half-million dollar house (the avg value for that block of Shepherds Glen is about $550,000.00) can certainly afford a pool fence. Hell, their property tax bill is about $20,000.00 per year.

House of R & R said...

I'm surprised about the fence also, 12:42.

In that neighborhood, I'm more surprised the HOA doesn't require it.

Anonymous said...

Too horrible to talk about.Wish I could forget.

Anonymous said...

I can't think of a single funny or smart alec thing that would be appropriate.Dear God this is awful.What did Neil Young say"There's another kid won't get to go school,won't get to be cool."

Condoleesa said...

I genuinely feel for the parents but feel they were negligent.

I have a pool and had one when my two older boys were small. I was a single Mom then and a single Mom now and never left my children unattended long enough for them to get into the pool and drown.

I didn't have a fence then and didn't have a fence here until I moved out and rented my house for a while and was afraid something like this would happen and I would get sued.

While I lived in Arizona there was one of these a day and they pressed criminal charges against the parents each time.