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Uh, Oh


Edit: Here's some concrete evidence - Britney's cousin, Alli Sims, goes out the next night in a Tony Romo jersey.


Pseudonym said...

Uh, Oh indeed! Poor Barry who has lust over Britney for so many years now has to compete with an icon in Texas (if he re-signs with the Cowboys).

You have to admire this woman. Between parenting classes, traffic court, custody hearings, elaborate stage appearances and Starbuck runs, she still has some time for a social life.

Anonymous said...

Rx: penicillin 500 mg
disp: 60(sixty)
two stat one qid till all gone.

Crud Bonemeal said...

Do you know how fast she will burn through that $31 million? Seriously, I heard Galloway and Estridge talking about this on the radio this afternoon. According to Estridge, it was just a matter of them saying hello to each other in passing. I can't see Tony being desperate enough to fall to her level. Perhaps he was just celebrating his new contract. "Hey, Brit, I just got a big raise. Why don't you shave your head and let's go get crazy!"