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I Finally Found Some Guys I Wouldn't Want To Defend

All the college sports blogs have posted this youtube video from last weekend. (Extreme language warning, by the way.)

It shows a mob of Penn State fans taunting (and actually assaulting with beer cans) a couple of Ohio State fans. The guy holding the camera is a punk. The kid at the end is a huge punk. I rarely get mad, but this thing just drives me insane.

Edit: The Penn State student newspaper covers the incident.


Atticus said...

This is interesting because a few years ago when Texas played Ohio State at Columbus, OH., I heard that the Ohio State Fans were some of the worst in the country. We can only hope that when Penn State U officials see this, as I am sure they will, that they will kick as many of these people out of their school as they can identify and ban them from future games. Mean while, everyone have another beer and make an ass out of themselves as they support their favorite team.

Anonymous said...

This scene is standard fare for the Big 10 schools. The Rust Belt seems to encourage or at least allow this type of behavior. It would almost never happen in the SEC or Big 12.

If interested, you can read this report done by OSU - start at page 19 for OSU's historical problems.

Anonymous said...

This look like typical drunk, frat boy behavior to me. this is type of things some drunk frat guys do from Gainesville, Fla., to L.A., Calif.

It's real funny how the cameraman acts like the dude that runs up on the lone OSU fan is some kind of tough guy hero even though he has 100-plus fellow frat guys with him. ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Wow that even makes the tortilla slingin', goal post totin', red raider rump rangers look classy.