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We All Need To Be Reminded Every Now And Then

For the heck of it, I googled the name of a girlfriend of over 20 years ago. Just a handful of hits came up, but within those small number of hit I quickly learned that she was a schoolteacher near Houston (which is exactly where she expected to be.)

But the only information about her came on a post she had made on a blog. A blog about a family that struggles with a newborn diagnosed with leukemia. Heck, I spent more time reading about the baby than what she wrote. It puts life in perspective. As I say so often, "I can't imagine . . . . "

The home page of that blog is here. The first post, the moving one that I first stumbled upon, is here.


Anonymous said...

Things like this always make us realize how much we take for granted.

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7:02 you beat me to

One of these days ole Chris Hansen with MSNBC's "To Catch A Prosecutor" is gonna come walkin out from behind a curtain with a handful of chat logs tellin you to have a seat.