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Favorite Name Of Big 12 Basketball Player



Anonymous said...

Obviously, a very athletic Hooker!

Anonymous said...

If you read the link, you should have known that she is a volleyball player, not basketball.

Think Frustrated said...

I used to be a bank teller when I was in college, and I used to have a customer named: Diojuanna Hooker. Say it out loud. It is her real, god-given name.

Anonymous said...

I always thought Ben Gay, the former Baylor running back, had the most socially questionable name.

In the business world, the oddest name I've run into was a lady in CA who's last name was Greathead. Every group meeting she attended came to a screeching halt when she introduced herself.

One time I'll never forget, some poor schmuck thought he had heard her wrong, so he asked her to spell it for him, which she did. It was a good thing it was a conference call and she couldn't see everyone herniating themselves holding in the laughter.

Anonymous said...

Jay Leno has some of these great names. Especially interesting when the wedding announcements pair two wild names. They're nearly unbelievable.