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Capital Murder Trial

The Star-Telegram has an interesting story today on the first day of the capital murder trial regarding Hank Nava, a Fort Worth Police Officer.

The facts are tragic, but this isn't a slam dunk for the prosecution. If the defense lawyer is correct in his opening statements (and I bet he is, because he's good and knows that misstatements will come back to bite you), he says that Nava was not dressed in a police uniform before the shooting. And another officer was in TXU gear because they were "undercover." The lawyer also said the fatal shot was a ricochet - even shot in self defense since he didn't know the cops were cops. (And it looks like the defendant had a fairly checkered past - the kind of past that would make you fearful when strangers come into your house.)

Amazingly, police fired 34 times at the defendant - but didn't kill him.

The defendant will be convicted of something, but I'm not sure if it will be capital murder.

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Anonymous said...

Barry, Barry, Barry. If you hade read the whole article and not just what you wanted to, you would find that the defendant was up putting on his shirt after he heard the female that answered the door yell, "the police are here and want to look around". This was after she told Nava and the other officer that the defendant was not in the residence. Sounds to me like he heard her and was prepared to respond or he would not have had the upper hand when the officer entered the room. The female needs to be charged with some murder offense also and they both need to rot in hell. Sounds like an ambush to me, otherwise why would she have done what she did.