Capital Murder Trial

The Star-Telegram has an interesting story today on the first day of the capital murder trial regarding Hank Nava, a Fort Worth Police Officer.

The facts are tragic, but this isn't a slam dunk for the prosecution. If the defense lawyer is correct in his opening statements (and I bet he is, because he's good and knows that misstatements will come back to bite you), he says that Nava was not dressed in a police uniform before the shooting. And another officer was in TXU gear because they were "undercover." The lawyer also said the fatal shot was a ricochet - even shot in self defense since he didn't know the cops were cops. (And it looks like the defendant had a fairly checkered past - the kind of past that would make you fearful when strangers come into your house.)

Amazingly, police fired 34 times at the defendant - but didn't kill him.

The defendant will be convicted of something, but I'm not sure if it will be capital murder.