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Bear On Bear Violence

Hey, you Baylor folks out there: What the heck is this about? Something about an "eternal flame" and freshmen and the Chamber? Video was from the "Fall of 2007." Although I appreciate the slow motion replay of the kick, isn't it a bit dangerous for a bunch of kids to rush a flame in a crowded auditorium?


Anonymous said...

Hey, since I'm a freshman at Baylor, I'll let you know what that's all about. Defend the flame is about the freshmen of Baylor vs everyone else who isn't a freshman. They carry on the tradition of general hazing and violence against them by trying to put out the "spirit" flame of the Baylor line, and it's the freshmen's job to protect the flame at any given cost... And like you saw in the video, the upperclassmen will do anything to put out the flame, just like it has been put out ever since this tradition has started. Except this time, it went just a bit overboard, ever since a kid got tazered on Baylor grounds, these following rules have been set.

The purpose of guarding the Eternal Flame is to increase unity among the freshmen and to carry on the tradition of passing down the flame from one class to another. The flame represents the spirit of Baylor and its protection by the freshmen is symbolic of their love for Baylor as they celebrate the meaningful tradition. The practice dates back to the mid-twentieth century and is upheld today.

This document sets forth safety requirements to assist in the safe tradition of guarding the flame during Homecoming celebrations.

This document applies to all persons (employees, students, and visitors) at or near the area where the flame is guarded during Baylor Homecoming, October 29 – November 4, 2007.

A.All persons participating in the flame guarding tradition (either keeping it lit or putting it out) assume responsibility for their own actions. They agree not to hold Baylor University or the Baylor University Chamber of Commerce liable for the actions of any persons while at the flame guarding site.

B.All firearms, weapons, and explosives are completely prohibited. Exceptions will not be made under any circumstances.

C.All participating persons must follow regulations made by Baylor University as stated in the Student Policies and Procedures Handbook. Additionally, all participating persons are expected to follow instructions made by any Baylor faculty or staff members, police officers, or Chamber members while at the flame site.

D.Participating persons shall not use objects as weapons that may endanger the safety of others. This includes, but is not limited to: sticks, trash cans, sporting equipment, umbrellas with pointed ends, water guns filled with harmful liquids, shopping carts, and fire extinguishers.

E.Eggs, flour, and vinegar will not be allowed. Additionally, the use of physical force deemed to be excessive or likely to cause harm to another individual will not be tolerated.

F.No motorized vehicles will be allowed near the flame for any reason, except with the permission of the Homecoming Chair.

G.No barrier may be built around the flame that may endanger those on either side of it. This includes, but is not limited to: wooden boxes and plastic tents.

Formulated: October 2007; Approved by Division of Student Life

Anonymous said... some one get in trouble 5:32?

Anonymous said...

I'm not 5:32 but Baylor did put an end, at least temporarily, to one of their oldest traditions and sent everyone back early and put out the flame. The next night they were expected to re-light it but they didn't, but no one person got in trouble.