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When $72 Million Is Not Enough


Former Ranger Alex Rodriguez could have played out the remaining three years of his contract with the Yankees and, by doing so, he would have been guaranteed $72 million. But his contract gives him the right to "opt out" and become a free agent in order to go to the highest bidder.

The man did it yesterday. Amazing.

But the champagne bottles you hear popping are from the home of Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks who will no longer be responsible for $21 million that he would have had to pay to the Yankees if he had stayed. (Part of a screwed up trade.)


Anonymous said...

Speculation is that he already knows there is a bigger deal for him out there. I guess not at New York however.

Anonymous said...

Dude,this is boring crap so find something more on the local level like Dwarfs or County officials doin something illegal or somethin.

Anonymous said...

Amen, 6:52

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Simply stated...


(A$$ ruined my perfect SOX night with the BS announcement that broke in the seventh.)