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It's Your Money

And after all of your taxpayer $400,000 is gone, people will still be using meth in Parker County.


House of R & R said...

Speaking of meth labs... I found out that pic of the smoke you posted a few days ago is coming from my subdivsion. It's been burning for a several days now. It's from that oil well I posted on my blog awhile back. Crazy.

Anonymous said...

If they ever stop using meth in Parker County, the Wise County economy will be ruined.

Atticus said...

So by spending this money to buy more surveillance equipment and hire one special prosecutor, they will seemingly be able to arrest more drug sellers/users and prosecute them and that will clean up Parker County. Great! This in turn will create such wide spread fear that no one in their right mind would go and buy dope....let alone sell it! Why didn't someone think of this before?

Crud Bonemeal said...

I hope you all remember the old Kurt Russell movie, "Escape from New York", right? The concept of a totally walled in city used as a dumping ground for all of the nations criminals where they can live in anarchy and have at each other at will like the subhumans they truly are. I like the concept, except for using Manhattan as the prison (because I love visiting Manhattan). We need to pick a city that no one gives a twaddle Houston. It's already a cesspool. Take that money and turn Houston into a giant prison. Throw all of the ingredients to make meth into the middle of the prison city. Voila! You have all of the criminal scum in one place; plus, they have the means to destroy themselves and each other by using that poison that they have turned their lives over to, anyway. One of these days, people are going to figure out what a crock modern rehabilition efforts are. One of these days, people will figure out how their money has been wasted on the futility of probation and parole officers. Build more prisons with the money.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Barry, and even after prosecuting baby rapers, we still have sexual predators lurking around; after prosecuting DWI's, we still have drunk drivers; after prosecuting murderers, we still have murders; etc...etc... What a LUDICROUS thing for you to say! Geeeze, why don't we do away with ALL law? Why don't we just open up our borders to all types/walks of life....including drug lords, and the "Saddam Hussiens" of the world. We (law abiding citizens with commen sense and concern for the well being of our fellow citizens) could just shut up and lock ourselves in our homes so that we won't interfere with these creeps freedoms. We can just protect ourselves if we ....oh wait, protect ourselves with what?.... I'm sure we need to outlaw guns as well.....that way only the creeps will have them and we can just be SITTING DUCKS for the lawless survival of the fittest morons! YOU have a problem with fighting METH production??? You need to have a few kids of your own to get over your selfishness! Get some parental instincts that you obviously are lacking. You realize how many CHILDREN die from meth? Not just the adults who choose this drug, but little kids who enjoy their strawberry pop rocks ..... for only a little while. You just put yourself in another class for me here, Barry. And it isn't the upper crust of society! Liberal is one thing....STUPID is quite another. You just crossed into the latter.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:15 covered my sentiments exactly. Barry, your position to ignore killer drugs to save taxpayer money belongs in the cesspool!

Meth cooking is almost universally a rural crime because of the tell-tale oders produced ;and surveillance is difficult. It follows that a lot of this activity is a serious concern here and in Parker, and neighboring counties.

Meth is one of the most lucrative of all mind blowing drugs out there, now flavored to attract little kids. As a former prosecutor (obviously not of drug offenses), you neglected to include how much cash is seized from drug dealer busts. $400,000 is a mediocre amount to be found in raw currency from ONE meth lab.

I recall of one seizure years ago, in rural country just across the line in Oklahoma where it took the officers three days just to count the currency. All of those proceeds go back into the law enforcement coffers. Cost to the taxpayers you squeak? It is PROFITABLE to taxpayers and you know the truth. Go peddle your liberal, legalized drug sewage somewhere else.

Barry Green said...

Ok, that one got to me.

The belief that "meth houses" are loaded with cash is a fantasy. Take a look at those arrested for meth in Wise County over the last 10 years and, by and large, they have one thing in common: they are dirt poor. These are not the Colombians running cocaine into Miami in the 1980s.

My belief is that the Drug War is, and will continue to be, a huge failure. I have never been in "favor" of drugs. But our system of throwing money at the problem in hopes of locking a few people up is not the way to handle it.

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Sheesh... If you people are worried about pi$$ing away $400k on this, please do not look at the colossal Goat-$%^# that is the US380 project from Bridgeport to Decatur.

Your hard-earned, poorly spent tax dollars at work.

Anonymous said...

And I can't let your feeble rebuttal go unanswered, Barry. You may not recall the NORTH CENTRAL COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS ANTI-DRUG TASK FORCE of years ago, but I do. Wise County then and now refused to be involved and never benefitted from its investigations because our county would not prosecute drug offenses. The counties that did participate did split up $-millions from those forlorn "dirt poor", sympathetic folks.

You consider the immense profits involved as "fantasy"? No one in law enforcement has such a pipe dream, by any means! Yes, Wise County might certainly be ignorant of the real facts because of its lackluster record in even accepting serious drug cases.

Not throw money to reduce the crimes? What else do you propose if you are not for legalization?

Barry Green said...

All I know is this:

- I personally screened every drug case that went into the DA's office between 1993-2000, and I do not remember a single case where a large amount of cash was ever seized from a meth house
- Wise County was part of a drug task force during those years (and for a couple of years thereafter). Almost all drug task forces were abolished 5+ years ago after they were required by new legislation to be run by DPS. Most weren't willing to do that. (I think the corruption in Tulia had something to do with the legislative change.)
- As for as the county receiving money from a Task Force, back then any seizure/forfeiture action had to be filed by the DA and any eventual proceeds were split (30%/70%) between the DA's office and the Task Force. I don't think the Task Force ever wrote a check to Wise County out of their share. And, once again, 99% of the arrests never involved a seizure of cash because those people didn't have cash.
- And I really don't have an answer other than to legalize drugs and tax them. Treat it like alcohol. Make it illegal to sell to kids, drive under the influence, etc. I'm not saying it's perfect, but what we are doing now isn't working. At all.

But I appreciate your input.

Anonymous said...

"I don't think the Task Force ever wrote a check to Wise County out of their share."

It's pretty difficult to receive such a check when this county will not PROSECUTE these criminals. Why don't you put out statistics showing how many drug dealers or users received probation and not conviction!?

Crud Bonemeal said...

You need to stop the drug abuse and drug trafficking by smacking them down hard. The problem is that so many people who come from the "feel good" generation of the sixties buy into that addiction is a sickness b.s. It is a lifestyle choice. When the choice is made, the prices and penalties are in place and on the books. If anyone is stupid enough to turn his or her life over to some poison, whether it's dope, alcohol, cigarattes, or whatever, that person has to live with the choice. As a society, we should draw a line in the dirt as to what kinds of criminal activity will not be tolerated. First should be anything that hurts children including drug addicted parents. What I fear is that even if we did set some very strict laws and punishments, juries just don't want to pull the trigger on a really harsh sentence unless the crook has had 5 bazillion "second" chances. Most states and the federal government do not let juries assess punishment. You have to be tough to do that, and most people just aren't that tough. Sure, people stand around on the street corners and say "they really ought to do something about all those dopers", but put that same person on a jury and they become all about giving them another chance and giving them leniency because they had a bad childhood or whatever. Sorry folks, but law enforcment takes guts.