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So That's What It Was

I was watching some of the Giants/Dolphins from London yesterday when the crowd went wild. Apparently a streaker had run onto the field to the amusement of the crowd, but Fox Sports wasn't going to show it.

But now there's a photo of the guy here (which is probably safe enough to post, but I'll let you be the judge.)

Edit: Video here. The riverdance was a nice touch.


House of R & R said...

Is that a flat football covering his man thingy?

Anonymous said...

Where the hell is the present day Mike Curtis when you need him? (FYI...since I know not many are sports fans here, he was the linebacker from the Colts who knocked the crap out of a drunk fan who ran onto the field during a football game).

Anonymous said...

Barry, you really did like that didn't you? Did you get excited?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the streaker was the best part of that bad game.