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Now This Is Interesting

I just got a report that Bridgeport has been kicked out of a 7 on 7 tournament due to a fight after a game that erupted after a racial slur by a Bridgeport player.

The tip directed me to this thread on a message board. (You have to muddle through lots of posts by people who really care about the 7 on 7 tourney.) I don't know if it is true. Edit: The disqualification part is definitely true.

More documentation here. ("The tournament was marred by a fight between Athens and Bridgeport at the end of their second game, the fight was quickly broken up and per the rules set forth by the State Board of Directors both teams were disqualified from the tournament and will not be allowed to play in any SQT’s in 2008.") Heck, this looks like it took place at some "state" tournament at Texas A&M. But what's a SQT?

Edit: Here's a comment I received but I redacted a kid's name since I can't verify it: "
The Athens kid used a racial slur to [a Bridgeport player], then got one thrown back his way. The Athens boy could not take it [that] a white boy 80 pounds lighter than him didn’t back down so he threw a punch at [the Bridgeport player] and then worlds collided."