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I Declare War On Toro

You want to know what that is? That's a piece of junk. You know where I found it? Inside the gas tank of my Toro Weed Trimmer.

How did I find it? Well, I spent the last 12 hours or so of my life trying to start the dang thing. Which is odd because for the first four months that I've owned it (read that again, four freakin' months!) it has worked like a charm. So finally exasperated, I decided to drain the gas tank and put some fresh gas in it. No need. I found this thing - the gas line that takes the gas to, uh, the engine - floating around inside of it. After taking the gas tank apart (that was easy - thanks so much Toro), I discovered that the cheap plastic gas line hadn't disconnected. It had broken. How does that happen?

So don't buy anything from Toro. Ever.