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Fox 4 News Screenshots On Wes Hardy Tragedy

Edit: I'm told that the funeral procession that will go by the Wise County Sheriff's Office will be composed of approximately "200 motorcycles and about 300 to 500 patrol units."


Anonymous said...

God bless his family, keep them in your thoughts & prayers.

Anonymous said...

Found out this morning it was an accident. No charges on the other driver. The story is that Mr. Hardy was in pursuit of another motorist and caused the collision.

Anonymous said...

he was a nice man and a good officer and all i have to say is this when emergancy wehicle has its lights and siren on that means get out of the way i am sure tat the other driver asnt paying attention or they would have seen te lights and stoped

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm......I disagree, 1:58PM ("i am sure tat the other driver asnt paying attention or they would have seen te lights and stoped").

FROM THE CARROLLTON LEADER: "A Plano police officer - who died after his motorcycle struck another vehicle - ran through a red light with sirens and lights on in pursuit of an unknown traffic violator, police said Monday during a press conference.

Motorcycle unit Officer Dayle "Wes" Hardy, 31, of Plano was driving northbound on Independence Parkway Saturday at about 11 a.m. when he collided with a 2006 Cadillac CTS on the left front driver's side.

The driver of the car, Mary English, 39, of Plano, was attempting to make a left turn from westbound Russell Creek Drive, police said.

English told police she had a green light and did not see Hardy approaching as she made the turn.

Witnesses told police Hardy was traveling at about 50 mph when the accident occurred.

Chief Gregory W. Rushin said he believed a brick screening wall obstructed her view, making her unaware of Hardy until it was too late. "It may (have been) a barrier both to sound and to view," Rushin said. "He would have seen her as she pulled out into the intersection. But, it wouldn't have been much reaction time."

English was uninjured, but emotionally distraught over the accident, Rushin said.

He added English would not face any criminal charges.

"I think it was just a very tragic situation that occurred," Rushin said.

Police have no way of confirming Hardy was pursuing a traffic violator, Rushin said.

"We don't even know for sure that is what he was doing," Rushin said. "Nobody saw a violator. We had nobody tell us that."

Hardy was scheduled to enforce traffic code and was not responding to an emergency call from dispatch at the time of the collision, Rushin said."

Anonymous said...

3:50, I hate to say that u are right on target. Once a deputy for Wise County in 1997 and starting with the Plano Police in 1998, experience from a tenured veteran is a valuable asset. Wrong time, Wrong decision, Wrong to crucify.
At least he was not pepper spraying someone in Plano with a new Cadillac and walking behind the camera view when he died.
He died with dignity, no cheap shots at the end.......GOOD-BYE.

Anonymous said...

The girl in the accident was 18, not 39. It was her mother's cadillac.
It's an unfortunate situation..wrong place wrong time. I highly doubt that the driver was not paying attention, i know her personally as a very smart and responsible individual