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Nutrisystem Update

Ok, I've been on this freakin' Nutrisystem diet for three weeks (week four starts today.) Observations:

1. I've lost six pounds which some people don't think is very much. But I think I'm an oddity because I was probably only 10 pounds overweight to start with. I can seriously feel the loss: I'm a millimeter from taking my belt up a notch and all my clothes feel better. I talked to a buddy last week who said he lost 20 pounds in his first month (then gave the program up.)
2. Is it hard to stay on the system? At first, I was starving. But now my belly pretty much has adjusted to what little food I put in it. And the convenience of having all the food in pantry makes it really helpful to stay the course (except I'm always running to the grocery store for lettuce and tomatoes.)
3. Are the portions small? You bet. The lunches are ridiculous.
4. Desserts? Yep. You get one a day and that stuff is great.
5. Overall, does it taste good? No problem with the taste whatsoever.
6. Any exercise that goes with it? I always jog for 39 minutes on the treadmill every other day.
7. Am I going to do it a second month? Yeah, but I'm trying to take a vacation later this month so that doesn't really fit into my plans.