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looks gawd-awful. (And everyone else thinks so to - box office rankings here.) I have a love hate relationship with Robin Williams (and most people, for that matter.) He's great in serious rolls (see Good Will Hunting or One Hour Photo) but is horrible as a comedian or comedic actor. Check out RV on HBO this month and see if you aren't reaching for the nearest pistol.

And I saw a preview this morning that he will be appearing on Martha Stewart's show today. Watching that guy run around the kitchen, picking up utensils, and using that goofy voice makes a Wise County docket call a joy in comparison.


Anonymous said...

So how much weight have you lost on Nutrisystem? Give us an update please.....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, isn't that weird? He's such a great comedian, but I've never liked his comedic roles in movies. On the other hand, he's great in serious roles. One of his first serious movies was "Awakenings", with Robert DeNiro.

Anonymous said...

but I love John Krasinski ALMOST enough to suffer through it. I haven't decided

mzchief said...

The totally whacked humour and personality of Robin Williams does not seemingly translate well to comedic roles. For BRIEF moments he was funny in Mork and Mindy but not even for a full 30 minutes.

Transformers is an AWESOME flick if you are into watching INCREDIBLE robot battles. One of the other great things about the flick is that there is NO lame love interest BS in Transformers.

If you see the flick make certain to pay CLOSE attention to the INTRODUCTION where The Cube/Spark is explained to anyone who does NOT know the back story of Transformers.

Incidentally, MOST of the blowing up, flying cars and buses were REAL stunts and NOT done in front of a green screen or CGI.

If you are a special effects, stunt, action flick fan YOU will leave the theatre wrung out and a wee bit breathless.