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Stripling & Cox Is Closing

Which really isn't that big of a deal except for the most sentimental amongst us. But was the first Stripling's store in Alvord? The first Stripling's Department Store in Fort Worth was opened in 1893 by W.C. Stripling. He first settled in Alvord, then relocated to Bowie before opening a branch in downtown Fort Worth. Stripling's later opened stores at Seminary South Shopping Center, now La Gran Plaza, and North Hills Mall. Dunlap's moved its headquarters from Lubbock after acquiring Stripling's. If "settled" means opens a store. I guess the answer is yes. (Story)


Anonymous said...

I can remember my mother taking my brother and I there in the early 60"s and I remember my mother pulling me away from a water fountain that had a sign over it for black people.

It's funny that I also remember her paying for stuff by using a plastic card which meant you didn't have to have cash.

Anonymous said...

Is that a seersucker suit from Cox's?

No, it's a ___sucker suit from Sears.

Anonymous said...

Heck, I still haven't gotten over "Green's Dry Goods" closing down. Now I'm stuck with WalFart. I resent that deeeeply. Barry you got some good parents.

Anonymous said...

At my grandmother's Christmas, every box said "Striplings" on it.

Anonymous said...


The joke goes this way:

"My wife is so stupid --

"I sent her to Cox's to get me a seersucker suit.

"And she went to Sears!"

Anonymous said...

You know,I've been around the world three times and two of those were in a row boat but can someone tell me what the hell is a seersucker or searsucker or whatever it's called suit?

Thank Yew

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but he just lived in Avord and Bowie. He left for Fort Worth when he started his stores.