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Shout Out To A Stranger

I don't know the guy, but I "figured" some of you Decatur residents might find it interesting. From an email:

I've noticed you referenced a few "readers" for kudos to Wise County alumni and their accomplishments. Since (again) your blog is so popular with so many of us, I thought I would send you a tidbit of info about a former DHS graduate making it "big" in Hollywood.

Sean Smith graduated DHS in 1993, and has been living in LA as a TV writer. This summer his original show, GREEK, was picked up by ABCfamily. The premiere was last night, and very 90210-and I mean that as a compliment coming from another 1993 graduate. His name was listed as creator, co-producer, writer...everything! There is going to be an encore presentation this Friday on ABC Proper. If it suits, I'd love you to plug the show for him. We're all so very proud.

Here's the website for the show:
Here's a resume-type website for Sean:

Thanks so much!
Danielle Miller Scroggins


Anonymous said...

I too am a DHS class of '93 alum and aboslutely loved GREEK - so much so that I watched it twice as it came on back-to-back on Monday night. I am so proud of Sean!

Anonymous said...

As one of Sean's teachers, I too am very proud of this young man! Glad to see he has "made the big time!" :-)

Gleemonex said...

This is the guy I used to spend hours upon hours stapling things to the wall of the yearbook room with ... bravo, Sean-baby!