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Wes Hardy . . .

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mzchief said...

For those who are inclined send a monetary gift to the Hardy Family checks and money orders are to be sent to the:

Plano Police Association
P.O. Box 861956
Plano, TX 75086-1956

Checks are to be made to:

Plano Police Association Charities

To assure that YOUR gift will be given to the Hardy Family; specify in a cover letter that the gift is for the Dayle Weston Hardy Family or state in the memo portion of the check:

For the Hardy Family

I obtained this information from Sergeant Haynes at the Plano Police Dept.

Anonymous said...

OR, contribute to the "RUSS MARTIN FOUNDATION FOR FALLEN HERO'S", they already sent the family a check for $5,000 on Saturday.
GO TO LIVE 105.3 or pull up "Russ Martin" on Google, the site will tell U everything U need.....
U can listen every day on F.M. 105.3 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., he is the next MESIAH for all that don't go to the churches on SUNDAY, he does not ask for "FORGIVNESS".

Anonymous said...

Russ's check was for $30,000.

Anonymous said...

7:46, Did not know he upgraded it, I guess the listeners are paying off for the bad times. THANKS.