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I'm a little into the second hour of the five hour documentary from National Geographic called Inside 9/11: Commemorative Edition. It's a two DVD set.

This thing is great. It never gets slow and provides (so far) the background of how 9/11 came to be. From Osama gaining his fame by being a soldier in the Soviet-Afghanistan war (did you know Al Qaeda basically whipped the Soviets with American provided ground-to-air missles?), to Saudi Arabia turning down Al-Qaeda's request to fight back Iraq after Iraq had invaded Kuwait (they turned to the U.S. instead which angered Osama to no end), to President Clinton turning down a chance to capture Osama (because Osama, at the time, was on a hunting trip with the prince of the United Arab Emirates.) Great stuff.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for backing up my claim with facts that Clinton turned down Osama. In earlier posts when I said this, your liberal weenie minions said I was making it up. OOPS

Anonymous said...

The way it usually reads is that
Sudan had Ol' Osama and was offering him up on a silver platter, and Ol' Slick just would not take him. All he had to do was send a Pick-up truck over and get him, but he just did not want to. Three times the Sudan unofficials said, "Come get Osama!!!!! Here he is!!!!! Get him while he is Hot!!!!!! No takers? Well, hell, We will just turn him loose then."
Had not read the "Osama hunting with the people Bush wanted to be in charge of our shipping ports" was the reason Clinton did not get him.
Well, ConservativeRoids won't need sex for about a month after reading about Clinton not gitting Osama when he was just thrown at him. A three year old could have taken Osama, but Bill Just refused to do it. What a shame. However, if Clinton had picked up Osama, Dubya and Rudy would not have become heros.

Anonymous said...

first, thanks for admitting something that liberals have denied for a long time. However, you showed your petty liberal side by taking a stab at bush HOWEVER YOU COULD and sidestepping the truth of the matter!
Even when you liberals know you're wrong you're blind and petty...

Anonymous said...

so this is all just a turf war between osama and bush I? it all makes sense now. thats whay they hate the jews and america so much. that even explains the crusades. and the spanish inquisition(im sure thats mispelled, so all you grammer teachers feel free to pile on). point is, we have no idea what were into, and wed better stop trying to blame one pres or another regardless of party and get in the fight, quit worryin about the u.n. and cnn and start takin these guys out. screw the tryalls and debate about non citizen's rights and get a mean as our enemys.

Anonymous said...

Were drugs or alcohol involved?

Anonymous said...

Bet you believe in weapons of mass destruction in Iraq also. And Santa Clause.
On the Osama thing, "Is it real, or is it NewsMax?"
On July 20, Sean Hannity thrice repeated the false claim that Clinton refused a 1996 offer from
Sudan to hand Osama over to the United States. Hannity has previously propagated this claim, for which the 9-11 Commission found "no reliable evidence to support."
As Media Matters for America has noted, the false claim originated in an August 11, 2002, article
on right-wing news website that distorted a statement Clinton made on February 15, 2002. Clinton said he "pleaded with the Saudis" to accept Sudan's offer to hand bin Laden over to Saudi Arabia.
Sudan never offered bin Laden to the US, and Clinton did not admit to the Sudan offer in that speech or anywhere else.

As FOX news would say: Some Say That Sudan offered Osama to Clinton, Clinton asked the FBI and CIA if they had enough evidence to say Osama was guilty of crimes against the US and they said no.

Bush, however, let Osama go after 9-11.