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Random Monday Night Thoughts

- Monday Night Football is in New Orleans. But watching Vince Young is worth the price of admission if I had paid a price of admission.
- Steve Eagar on Fox 4 News had a three piece suit on. An actual three piece suit. The phrase that is often heard but never worn.
- I watched a little bit of Ken Burns "The War" on PBS but I'll probably have to rent this multi-hour documentary when it comes out on DVD. (His documentary about the Civil War was outstanding.)
- I tried to catch Mark Cuban busting a move on "Dancing With The Stars" but I don't think he danced tonight. But I saw him acting goofy in the background so I can't wait for him to get out there.
- A prison guard was killed today as two prisoners escaped. Both were captured. I saw her husband interviewed on Fox 4 and he didn't seem to be upset at all.
- It was jog night and I began watching the movie "The Sweet Hereafter" which was recommended to me by Netflix. "Director Atom Egoyan's haunting adaptation of Russell Banks' novel follows a grieving Canadian mountain community in the wake of a tragic school bus accident. Lawyer Mitchell Stephens (Ian Holm) arrives in town to persuade the survivors to initiate a class-action lawsuit, driving apart the once tight-knit hamlet." So far: outstanding. And my distaste for plaintiffs personal injury work is perfect for this movie.
- Speaking of Netflix, I just rented the entire DVD series of "Roots." Amazingly, I've never seen a single episode.
- Can they play the commercial for the movie "The Game Plan" starring The Rock any more than what they do. And it looks awful.
- I'm sooooo glad Columbia University invited Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak only to then ridicule him. Once Iran develops The Bomb, I'm sure he'll remember the incident.


Keith said...

My parents made me watch Roots when I was in jr high back in 1990 and I'm forever grateful.

Anonymous said...

Kunta Kinta, right? My parents wouldn't let me see it when it first aired. They felt the subject matter was too much for my age of understanding. It is a powerful series. They wouldn't let me read The Hobbit either because of the magic.

Schools should have Roots as a lecture series via film.

Anonymous said...

Read the book.

Pseudonym said...

As a child of Holocaust survivors, I was angered by Columbia's decision to allow Ahmadinejad to speak at the university. I feel somewhat better after the rough time president Lee Bollinger provided him. In particular I appreciated this comment by Bollinger.

"You are either brazenly provocative or astonishingly uneducated." "Your absurd comments about the debate over the Holocaust both defy historical truth and make all of us who continue to fear humanity's capacity for evil shudder at this closure of memory ... Will you cease this outrage?"

Though back in Iran we know this will play quite differently.

wordkyle said...

So BG thinks Iran will develop a nuclear bomb and be hostile toward the US?

Somebody should probably do something. Maybe the UN will....oh well.

Pass the remote so I can watch "Dancing with the Stars."

Anonymous said...

The President of Iran has always spoken mind his freely---why should the President of Columbia U. not be accorded the same privelege? Bad manners because of an "invitation"?---not hardly. . What kind of reception do you think our President would be accorded if he were to be invited to speak in Iran?

The Iranian President is trying his best to be the "Mouse that Roared".

HHL said...

wk: I assume your solution is to bomb and/or invade Iran before they become a threat?

mzchief said...

Only an idiot would invite a wild animal into their home and expect it to act anything other than a wild animal.

The world, even Iran, KNOWS Ahmadinejad is a hate monger, liar and desperately seeking a means by which to become relevant on the global stage.

Unfortunately, Columbia University proved their institution is run by idiots and provided Ahmadinejad another shot at relevance and 15 more minutes of fame.

Shame on Columbia University for granting "freedom of speech" to a man who regularly has people imprisoned and killed for saying things and listening to music not approved by the government over which he presides. Shame on Columbia University for inviting the animal into their home.

Anonymous said...

Excellent analogy, MZ.

wordkyle said...

hhl: Of course not. I advocate diplomacy until a mushroom cloud hangs over an American city. At that point, we should sternly insist that the United Nations do something.

The Devil said...

BG,so what you are saying is that Ahmadinejihad deserves more respect than the leaders of our country. You often condone the ill-treatment of our leaders, but since this guy is a "guest" he deserves something more? I am sure this is the incident that will remind Ahmadinejihad he hates the west,and hates Jews and will use this one incident for cause to bomb us or our allies. If he gets the bomb he is going to use it, whether or not he ever had an unwelcome visit!

I do not understand the mindset of some in this county. They will raise hell making issue of gay rights in our country, but the minute we disrespect a man who handles gay's in his country by killing them, they cry afoul. Point is this man represents evil, he deserves no respect, guest or not!

I praise Columbia for giving him a platform to spew his hatred, and malevolence so we can educate against this ignorance and immorality! Columbia may have invited a "wild animal", but only through education can we learn to tame a "wild animal".

Anonymous said...

The Columbia president let the liberal weenies dirty little secret out of the bag. Al Quaeda is in Iraq and being funded by this midget. The weenies are going to put a letter in his file.

Anonymous said...

Sue, I sympathize with you. My grandfather died in a concentration camp. He fell out of the guard tower.

HHL said...

wk: i wonder how you function, day to day, being so scared. must be hard to type from shaking so badly.

if you had the slightest idea what is involved in developing and producing effective nuclear bombs or intercontinental missiles, you might be a little less panicky about "mushroom clouds".

how did you manage not to go all fetal-position back when the soviets actually HAD these nuclear bombs (rather than having a desire for them and an extremely rudimentary development program), AND had ICBMs capable of transporting them, AND had them aimed at ALL major American cities. Thousands of them, in fact.

If just the mere idea of Iran possibly at some distant point in the future having the ability to attack us is enough to make you quake in fear, how in the world did you ever make it through the cold war?

and what about the other countries filled with brown people that have nuclear weapons? don't we feel threatened by them? why haven't we bombed them yet? if we're going to eliminate all of the potential "threats" out there, we had better get to work quick, and start bombing more people faster!

Anonymous said...

Devil, you were right until the end, where you missed is that you don't tame a wild animal that threatens you. You kill it.

MZ, I agree with you and you weren't even obnoxious in making your point. What's up with that?

WK-- If EVERY SINGLE READER here doesn't heed your Dancing W/ Stars comment our empire will in fact finish falling forthwith

wordkyle said...

hhl: Once again, you jump to conclusions about me based on limited information.

I don't live my life in fear. If terrorists nuke a city, it will be someplace like NYC, Washington DC...or Dallas. Not a small town in West Texas.

I've got a reasonable idea of what it takes to develop a nuclear bomb. But even though the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) had complained about Iran’s resumption of banned nuclear research to the UN Security Council, and Iran decided to obstruct IAEA inspections, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.

Although bombing hostile nations back to the Stone Age is a time-tested solution (see "World War II, Germany and Japan,") the war-mongering Bush administraiton apparently decided to go the pansy "international pressure" route with North Korea to get them to throttle back their belligerence. You don't hear much about that.

Even though the Soviets were a danger in their time -- which time was cut short through the efforts of Ronald "Ronaldus Magnus" Reagan and his Democrat-loathed policy of something called a "strong defense" -- I don't recall a lot of Soviet suicide bombers. It's been a while, though, so maybe my memory's rusty.

The election of strong leaders like Reagan who believed in -- get this -- protecting America kept me cozy at night. Let's see, who would be the Democrat version of Reagan? Hmmm...maybe Harry Truman? (Wow, has it been that long?)

The Devil said...

Anon 7:11...If you kill one wild animal that threatens you there will be another one just like it, and you will have to kill it until this process is repeated and they all are dead. Then you are not any different than the threatining animal. I say tame him and let his ilk learn from the experience and maybe learn from each other.

mzchief said...

The Devil...
No one, not even wild animal tamers/trainer invites a wild animal into their home to tame/train. When a qualified wild animal tamer/trainer attempts to tame/train a wild animal they do NOT permit the wild animal to behave wildly nor is the animal permitted to do so without consequences. To tame/train a wild animal there must be DISTINCT instructions given to the animal. Incidentally, one of the first things wild animal tamers/trainers evaluate in a wild animal that is to be tamed/trained is whether or not the animal has the WILL and DESIRE to be tamed/trained. Ahmadinejad shows no interest in being tamed/trained or for that matter being anything but a THREAT to the health, well-being and stability of those whom he opposes.

Columbia University was WRONG for granting Ahmadinejad the forum to spew unchecked and without confrontation his lunacy and hate.

It stands to reason that inviting a wild animal to mill about the sheep will result in harm coming to the sheep and the wild animal being emboldened.

Incidentally, I have for MANY years trained horses and dogs. Horses nor dogs can be trained to do something unless it is what the animal wants. Horses and dogs are FULLY domesticated animals not wild such as Ahmadinejad.

The Devil said...

Mz..I was speaking metaphorically, and I could personally care less about what you do with horses in your spare time. This was a bad analogy to begin with, I should have shied away from it.

Your opinion is that Columbia was wrong, and that is fine. My opinion is to the contrary, and that is also fine. Ahmadinejad in reality is a human, and not a "wild animal"; you cannot apply the same logic to dealing with the two, hence the bad analogy. I would hate to see our leaders apply this logic to foreign relations: We have been theatened by a "wild animal" we must go kill it. Diplomacy does not work with "wild animals", it can work with humans!

In your attack of my opinion you speak in literal terms; actually trying to train/tame animals, wild or domesticated. I was speaking in a different light, using allegory to present my opinion based off your earlier analogy. In debate it is considererd a malevolent practice to use an individuals figure of speech and spin it into literal terms to argue your point. It simply comes off as petty, or sometimes petulant!

mzchief said...

To The Devil...
YOU are the one who picked up the metaphor and attempted to apply it to reality. I ONLY followed your lead.

I stand by my metaphor that it was a mistake to give an unchecked forum to a man whom the WORLD already knows is a hate monger and a THREAT to other nations. NOTHING new was learned about Ahmadinejad that was not already COMMON knowledge. However, Columbia did indeed prove to be quite the tool of a ego maniacal menace.

Please, note I said NOTHING about killing ANY wild animal. However, there are MUCH better ways to deal with a wild animal/Ahmadinejad than to invite it to roam among the sheep or those unqualified to deal with such a creature.

As for ANYONE sounding "petty, or sometimes petulant" you would be well served to review YOUR comments regarding this issue as well as others.

The Devil said...

Mz...I picked up a poor analogy and applied metaphor to make my point, I did not address you directly when I did so, but was adressing several anons as well as your "wild animal" comment. I even conceded that I should have refrained from this use of metaphor in this instance. At the time I had no prior exchange with you on this topic.

I did not attempt to apply it to reality but to personify it, you literalized it to try and belittle my opinion whereas I used it back up mine. You state your opinion as if it is matter of fact, while I only make argument for my opinion.

I stand by my estimation that having Ahmadinejad speak at Columbia was a proper thing. No matter that the forum was "unchecked", and that his hatred is "common knowledge", I think seeing that hatred up close is important. I do not think Columbia gave him a tool to display his ego, but reaffirmed for many Americans the hatred we face across the globe.

The first time I was allowed to dive with sharks, I was educated on what to do prior to my dive, but my real education did not occur until I was eye to eye with one!

I also concede I overstepped by discussing killing wild animals in my previous post to you; that was suggested by an anon, I simply thought you were defending the ascertation.

I agree,there are many ways to deal when threatened by a wild animal; sometimes it is best to play dead, sometimes slowly back away while making eye contact. I see no point in denying Ahmadinejad the opportunity to roam among the "sheep" as you call them, because one of those "sheep" might just be a future leader that has to deal with him.

As you can clearly see from reading all my posts, I do not stoop to pettiness or petulance, but only state how I feel on this issue.