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In general, I think the State Fair of Texas is a huge beating.

But as a kid I enjoyed it because it was so much different - especially the freak shows. Somehow I convinced my mom to let me go into one, but the only "freak" we got to see was the Lizard Woman - which was nothing more than a fat lady in a bikini who seemed to have green flour rubbed all over her body. But it was good stuff.


Anonymous said...

I can remember as a kid getting to go into one that claimed to have the smallest horse in the world. I went in and saw that they had nothing more than a fricken pony walking around. It looked just like the rest Worse 2 bucks I ever spent.

House of R & R said...

There's a 5-K run, Barry. Quit being a fuddy duddy and go for it.

It's tommorow. You'd better hurry.

Anonymous said...

Did ya kiss her ?

Phart Amongous said...


Double Fake Big "Stagnant Airmass" Tex

Anonymous said...

The guy acting like Tex looks more like a farmer from Chico than a Big Tex ... Come on !