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It's Your Money

On the morning of May 23, 2005, the Texas State Capitol was rife with rumors that multimillionaire James Leininger was in the hall behind the House chambers pressuring lawmakers to vote for his pet project, school vouchers. The Texas Department of Public Safety has now spent more than two years and almost $166,000 in outside lawyer fees fighting a Texas Observer request to release the surveillance tapes to the Observer. The state attorney general and a state district judge believe should the tapes should clearly be made public. The Observer has obtained invoices from law firms defending DPS and we’ve taken the liberty of putting them on our Web site.



Anonymous said...

Due to DPS fighting this just shows they are guilty. Otherwise, what's the big deal.

I have always said that cops are as crooked as they come.

Anonymous said...

What's with the poll showing all of us middle-aged readers being up in that corner, closed, forever?!

Anonymous said...

Barry, my guess is that the lawmakers are "urging" DPS to fight this tooth and nail. In fact, if DPS caves, I expect that the legislators will not forget that fact during the next biennium.

If DPS is required to turn over this tape then the flood of other requests would soon follow. That kind of public inspection would make a lot of lawmakers uneasy. It might even grind some of the sausage-making to a complete halt.

Further inspection might even show that a lot of those legal fees have been "raised" by donations, rather than paid from the DPS budget.

goober said...

Until Craddick & Co. are expelled from the halls of Texas government, the common citizen will continue to take it "in the end" and governmnet of the people, by the people, and for the people will be a joke. Dumping DeLay was a good start, now let's vote the rest of the elitist out, regardless of party!

Anonymous said...

DPS throws some pretty racist parties.