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War On Drugs Update


A whole lot of your taxpayer money is being wasted on this. From cops, jailers, court administrators, court clerks, prosecutors, judges, lab technicians, to probation officers.

They could all be doing better things.


Anonymous said...

Time for Barry to poll the blog readers----"Should marijuana be legalized?".

The Devil said...

Clever headline!

Anonymous said...

You are just trying to get me on my soap box today.

Illegal...against the law, unlawful, prohibited, banned, illegitimate, illicit ,dishonest, & criminal.

Any drugs that the government declares illegal, even if it is asprin. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW!


Anonymous said...

Can anyone truly answer the question as to why it is not legalized? Alcohol is 10 times worse. Are lawmakers and police really that dumb?

Anonymous said...

1:53 It's obvious your one of the dumb ones.

Anonymous said...

House of r & r, the reason it is not legalized is because the figure out what kind of tax to put on it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the police could be freed up to investigate shootings like the one last week in Decatur.

The WCM reports alcohol and drugs were involved. So they could forget about the possession charges and work on the serious stuff like shootings

Very clever............

Anonymous said...

Let's see...I think you smoke it so, how about the same tax as cigarettes? Seems logical.

I heard the reason why lawmakers won't make it legal is becuase the police wouldn't get their personal stash for free if it was legal. ;)

wordkyle said...

Are you blaming the cops for dope-smokers breaking the law?

Blame the smokers for smoking pot, which has been illegal for a long time, which fact is not a surprise anymore.

Blame the legislatures for not legalizing marijuana (if that's the tack you want to take).

Don't blame the cops for enforcing the laws that are on the books.

Anonymous said...

Do liberals need to smoke dope to be able to live with themselves?

Anonymous said...

We live in a police state that has spawned the war on drugs and created a multi-billion dollar industry that the government cashes in on. What is the cost of freedom? Smoking pot vs. murder and white collar crime? This country and the people in it have gone insane. Whose fault is it? All of us.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you about the stop Last Friday night/Sat morn. in Flower Mound: Car w/ 5 "teenagers"
(youngest occupant is 19) stopped by city cop; cop says a baggy of "weed" was thrown from car; no camera, no witness, no baggie located. Licenses are "swiped", not even a traffic ticket on any occupants. "Teenagers" are cuffed and detained for over 1 hour while search, including use 3 officers and 1 dog, is performed on car & occupants. Dog only "hits" on one occupant, nothing in the car (the occupant has a house cat that SHE holds/pets, etc.) After being able to find NO SIGN OF DRUGS/ALCOHOL/ etc., student driver is cited for having a license plate frame that covers part of "TEXAS" and other occupants are cited for LITTERING (anybody want to bet one of the officer's name was Obie?) This is a perfect snap shot of your war on drugs. By the way, the students are all Honor Grads. and PTK members with no record of wrongdoing. Barry, want an easy case?

goober said...

Hey 3:14, they have to smoke pot to live with the likes of people like YOU!

Anonymous said...

Here's just a few personal obsevations over the years.

1. Pot smokers don't go to bars to smoke all night then drive home to kill someone while driving home.

2. Pot smokers don't sit around at the bar smoking and want to whup somebody's ass for messin with their girlfriend/wife etc.

3. Pot smokers don't stand around at the bar pokin you in the chest sayin:
"Hey,let'me tell ya somethin" over and over and obver.

4. Pot Smokers don't piss out in the parking lot next to your car or in their pants or throw up in the club or in your car.

5.Pot smokers don't pass out where you wind up having to take them home.(see #4)

6. Pot smokers don't call you on the phone at all hours wanting to cry in their beer about some women whoes wronged them or how they still love you.

7. Pot smokers don't call you up at all hours cuz they think they've become some world class lover and need to prove it.

8. Pot smokers don't call you up at 2:00am after they've left the bar cuz they think you want them back.

9. Pot smokers don't get obnoxiuos on planes and have flights diverted to God knows where.

HHL said...

one simple way to tax marijuana and decriminalize it at the same time would be to make possession offenses more like traffic tickets.

These days, speeding tickets are much less "criminal" in nature and much more like a speeding tax. You get caught speeding, show up at the city office within 2 weeks, pay a fine, get 60 or 90 days of probation, and if you don't get another such ticket in the same jurisdiction during that time, the judgment disappears off your record. Pretty much the same as a tax, albeit accompanied by a slightly more rigorous enforcement mechanism.

The same could easily be done with marijuana possession. If deemed necessary, the probation periods could be a bit longer (say 120-180 days), and limits on the amount of marijuana could be put in place (for example, possession of more than 2 (or 4, or 1) ounces would not be eligible for probation).

This would differ from the recent change in the law that Barry recently blogged about in some small ways: (1) would not be up to the discretion of the police officer, (2) would remove the requirement that the offense happen in the offender's county of residence, and (3) the offender, upon completion of the probationary period, would emerge with a clean record.

I think this makes a lot of sense. Haven't we grown up as a society since the time when marijuana was hysterically demonized as something that caused users to become psychotic and kill their families, etc? Surely it is time we apply some common sense to this problem?

Anonymous said...

Smoke em if you got em

wordkyle said...

What is the benefit of marijuana? Not the increased tax revenue, etc., that are always claimed as benefits of its legalization, but the actual benefit to society of marijuana use?

("Not as bad as alcohol, cigarettes, etc." don't count.)

Anonymous said...

Adding to 4:01.....
they just sit on the sofa and eat Cheetos and watch bad 70's TV.
Leave them alone! They are not bothering anyone. And they support Frito-Lay.

Anonymous said...

4:01PM For President. Dayum. Good job on that oration.

P.S. I will be most honored to help you with your spelling, punctuation and phrasing if you ever do decide to be a voice of reality and rationalism in these United States. (In other words, STFU, grammar police.)

Anonynothing Whatever

Think Frustrated said...

Agreed. This is a waste of money, and nothing for us to be proud of.

Plus, alcohol was once against the law, against the freakin Constitution! That's pretty nuts. Laws can be repealed and changed. Research the marijuana laws and you will see that they're arbitrary and racist.

Also, 4:01 has a good point.

Anonymous said...

Dog only "hits" on one occupant, nothing in the car (the occupant has a house cat that SHE holds/pets, etc.) After being able to find NO SIGN OF DRUGS/ALCOHOL/ etc

Humm...If I'm pulled over and I have a CAT and your drug sniffing dog HITS on ME and the ossifer thinks I've been smoking something?

Barry, can you get me out of this because of my CAT???!!

Anonymous said...

What if you own a SKUNK?

Does that count?

Blair said...

Absolutely!!!! How much time, money and effort do we waste on the "War on Drugs"? It's been pretty effective so far don't you think?

Here's my question for you hard core anti-legalization people out there. If marijuana is legalized tomorrow are you going to smoke it? do you know anybody who is desperately waiting to smoke it? NO!!! And neither am I. I smoked pot ONE time 18 years ago. It put me to sleep. Wahoo!

Anybody who wants to smoke pot is already doing it and all of your drug laws are not stopping it. Legalize it, tax it and rake in the money. It's already illegal to drive/fly/boat/whatever on pot so we don't need to change those laws. We can just treat it like alcohol.

Don't even bring up the gateway drug nonsense. It's only a gateway drug for people who have a propensity for drug abuse anyway. I know plenty of people who tried pot once or twice and never went back. why isn't alcohol a gateway drug??

btw, yes, I'm a Liberatarian.

stepping off the soap box.....

Anonymous said...

BG, many of the folks you mention in your first paragraph are doing it too.

Let's get a discussion going on that.

Anonymous said...

I did not inhale!!!

Anonymous said...

Wordpyle, I’m sorry but, what are the benefits of alcohol and cigarettes? They’re legal.

Oh, an alcohol is technically considered a drug, right? I hope with your god almighty attitude that you never touch an alcoholic beverage because if you ever do, you are considered a drug user. Let me be the first to call you a doper.

8:46 everyone understood exactly what he/she was saying. You should really think about therapy regarding this spelling/grammar obsession you have. Let it go, honey. Let it go.

wordkyle said...

House, you didn't list any benefits of marijuana use. You fell back on the "compared to alcohol and tobacco" argument.

So far as I can tell, there is no benefit to society from people smoking marijuana. (Nor do I see any from alcohol or tobacco use; however, at this time these products are legal, whereas pot is not.)

All the arguments derive from supposed savings in law enforcement and increased revenue by taxation. There doesn't seem to be any social benefit from making marijuana use legal (other than medicinal uses for a small percentage of patients.)

The Devil said...

How many of you folks no someone who smokes pot that does not drink, or even combine the two at times? I know quite a few smokers, one even owns his own head shop in Austin, and they all drink. 4:01's statements make sense only if you are talking about a pure smoker, and I am not saying there are not any, just few and far between. This argument is about much more than alcohol vs marijuana, it is about perceptions.

If you legalized marijuana today, I seriously doubt that society would suffer greatly or benefit greatly. Life would go on, some new people would try it because it is legal, those that always smoked it would become suspicous of being documented for purhasing it legally. The black market for it would subsist since the better shit or "souped up Kentucky Blue-Hemp" would rise in value, due to the limits on THC levels the govt. would likely place on it.

Anonymous said...

Hey 3:14. 3:30 is correct and 4:01, you are correct and you do good work. 1:53 you need to chill. You are the type of person that has kept this country in the dark ages for much longer than it should have been. The government isn't always right.

Anonymous said...

That was "know" someone not "no" someone. Sorry, I typically try to use correct grammer, sometimes I fail.

The Devil.

Paul said...

This is a weed...It grows wild in many places around the world, A freaking weed! Why should I care if the lawyer down the road smokes a little weed in the evening? It is better than a Scotch/Rocks, well... Maybe they would be best enjoyed together. Anyway, let the harmless weed be.

mzchief said...

One benefit I can think of that would come from legalizing Marijuana would be granting the right to ALL adults to determine what they wish to smoke. I would like to believe that a nation that sends troops to foreign lands for the purpose of maintaining and establishing democracy in foreign lands would have as one of the most important and primary concerns the INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM for the citizens of a nation soooo intent on democratizing EVERY nation that may be susceptible to that nation's version of democracy.

This is the United States, people should have the right to screw up their lives WITHOUT governmental interference. Oh, and do NOT try to feed me that line of hokum about only trying to protect people from themselves. MORE people die from FAT each year than die from drug abuse. If the government cared about the health and well being of EVERY citizen, sugar would be banned and exercise would be legislated as a MANDATORY activity.

Incidentally, Marijuana was FIRST deemed illegal in Utah. At the time in Utah, Mormon church doctrine automatically became state law and the Mormon church frowned upon church members who went to Mexico on missions using Marijuana and declared it a violation of Mormon doctrine in 1915. If any of you good people want a link you will have to find it yourself. I just so happen to have recalled this wee bit of trivia.