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I'm radio channel hopping this morning and stop on WBAP only to hear a commercial endorsement by the wife of on-air personality Hal Jay (he's the guy that wheeze laughs). But, once again, it was his wife.

She was going on and on about a new diet she had discovered (Meta-something). No big deal. But I kind of stopped down when she proclaimed she had only been on the diet one week but had already lost 9 1/2 pounds.


And I recall Hal Jay (along with a ton of other DJ's) catching heat a few years back after they promoted Body Soultions Solutions: "Eat all you want and lose weight while you sleep." A company that went bankrupt after all the false claims were revealed.


Anonymous said...

"Body Soultions." Lotta soul that diet, huh?

Anonymous said...

Probably the same guy behind both companies. They hoodwink folks into buying into their company so they have the money to advertise, then the only folks that stand to lose money are the ones that invested. Then they write ads like the one you heard and place them in the best market with a well known voice or name that has lots of listeners and BANG, another Million in sales. This goes on until the word gets out that the product doesn't work as advertised or until somebody shuts them down with lawsuits.
Eat right and exercise and you have no need of meta anything, or body solutions, or any of that crap that alters your metabolism and makes you think you are going to lose a ton but then you lose 10 pounds and stop, and when you quit taking it you gain the 10 pounds back.

Anonymous said...

Hal J is a scab ! Bill Mercer is DFW's REAL announcer!

Annie Jokely said...


Love it. All hail Bill.