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Talk About Obsessed With Brit

I thought I was hallucinating last night. I'm watching Georgia and Alabama and the game is in overtime. For college football fans, this is big. Huge. The world hangs in the balance. And then, in this nationally televised game, out of no where (and I mean really out of no where) came this bizarre exchange: Patrick: I've got an important question. Blackledge:"Go ahead." Patrick: "What's Britney doing with her life?" Blackledge: "Who?" Patrick: "Britney." Blackledge: "Britney who?" Patrick: "Britney Spears. What's she doing with her career?" Blackledge: "Why do we care at this point? Is she here?"


Anonymous said...

See Barry, you're not alone in your obession.

Anonymous said...

crimany, i meant obsession