You Know Your Law Career Is In Trouble When . . .

(1) A company sues your client and wins
(2) That company files a judgment lien against some property that your client owns
(3) Later, you tell your client that the judgment lien has been released by the court so it's ok to get a loan against the property
(4) You tell your client that you will need $90,000 from the loan proceeds to deposit with the court as a bond (in exchange for the lien being released)
(5) You give your client the document signed by the federal judge which releases the lien, and the client files the document with the county clerk.
(6) You pocket the $90,000
(7) All hell breaks loose when it is discovered that you falsely created the document releasing the lien and forged a federal judge's signature to it.

And the Denver lawyer admits it all in this pdf letter.