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I Learned Something Very Important On Saturday

The next time I'm sliding upside down while driving down 287, do not get into the grass. And what is up with all the fans throwing beers bottles at Jeff Gordon yesterday? That sort of thing should only happen in Europe or if Decatur beats Bridgeport by more than 20.


M&M said...

All those Earnhardt fans didn't like Mr. Gordon overtaking Earnhardt in the number of overall victories and especially on Dale's birthday and in Talledega. I think it's in big time poor taste. Way to go Jeff.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Harry Busch connected with a big nasty crack up some time back?

Anonymous said...

This story sums up everything I like about Nascar....nothing!

When we can kill out this so-called sport America will be a much place to live!

WRSDemon said...

There's always gonna be some sort of sport racing. No matter what it is.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Gordon is nascars girly man, like pretty boy floyd, nobody likes him but he brings in the bucks. kinda like the queer on survivor.

I love nascar cause its ok to throw beer cans