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I'm Going To Bed

It's 82-59 in the third, and if I wake up tomorrow and the Mavs have won, I'll post a pic of myself neekid on a bear skin rug.

When does football season start?


M&M said...

Way to make NBA history Mavs: No #1 seeded team has ever been outed by a #8 seeded team before now. Nice.
It would have been nice if Dirk would have showed up last night. Geeze, biggest game of the year and he's a no show.

sydney said...

so m & m you think you could've done better?

Anonymous said...


Just like last night's game, Dirk No-win-zki should be a no show for the MVP presentation, too.

I hope all those Mav fans don't break their ankles jumping off the bandwagon.

Finally, The Mavs owner has ZERO class. He loves the camera when he is winning. But as soon as his team CHOKES, he yells at the TNT camera "Get that camera out of my face or I will F you up!" But he actually said the F word on national TV. True Class.

Anonymous said...

Three observations:
1. Barry predicted the Mav's collapse.
2. Don Nelson knows exactly how to shut down Dirk.
3. Mark Cuban may finally have to shut the h*** up for awhile.

Anonymous said...

so m & m you think you could've done better?

He's not being paid to do better. As Barry suspected, by the way, Cuban did not take the loss well. If he'd stayed up he'd have been awake to see Cuban's eyes tear up at the end. And he looked MAD.

Anonymous said...

If MVP is based upon the season's performance, Nowitzki is a prime candidate. If it includes the playoffs, he would be a complete joke.

mzchief said...

According to Fox Sports
"The Warriors became only the third eighth seed to upset the No. 1 and the first since the opening round went from best-of-five to the current format. The Denver Nuggets (1994) and the New York Knicks (1999) are the only other teams to win a series."
Sucks to be the Mavs.

However, we lucked out and do NOT have to see Barry "neekid on a bear skin rug."

M&M said...

sydney: Nice intelligent response. Like I'm an NBA superstar making millions of dollars. Did I even insinuate that I could do better? No, so could you please have some logic and sense to your responses in the future?

Anonymous said...

I don't get the t-shirt pic. What does that stand for?

Anonymous said...

I can remember growing up when you couldn't even stand to watch the Mavericks b/c they sucked so bad. It is funny to listen to everybody bash them. Cuban is what he is and no matter what else he does he still made the Mavericks winners and turned the franchise around. That is not to say he is not a idiot most of the time but give him a little credit or everybody in North Texas would have to be yelling for Houston or San Antonio. If the Mavericks continue to have good teams then eventually the Championship will come. Look at the Colts in the NFL.

Anonymous said...


How did Cuban make this team better?

Don Nelson drafted Dirk and got Nash a year before Cuban got involved. That was when the turn around started. Cuban just lucked out and bought the team at the right time.

And as you can now see, Don Nelson is a very good coach and Avery is riding his coattails.

It is a shame that the owner of this team is such as jackass. If it was not for him, this is a team you could actually root for.

Annie Jokely said...

You need to post that stupid MFFL t-shirt in your gay or not gay section. I'll be your BFF if you do.