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I Rarely . . .

. . . just link to a news story and say "read it" but this one is fascinating. I find it interesting because: (1) I don't know how the defense can win that case. I'd have my guy plead guilty and make it a punishment trial. (2) It's fascinating that both the defendant and the victim had been at Michael's in Fort Worth before the accident - that restaurant/bar is known to be a tad bit "uppity" and, although I'm a fan of "uppity", the two times I've been there I found it BORing. (3) There's a Lisa Mosier named in the story. I met an extremely attractive Lisa Mosier from Fort Worth several years ago through a buddy, and I've got an email into him to see if it is the same person. (The last time I saw her was in the Backstage Club at the Stock Show. Which is particularly shocking to think I've ever been in the Backstage Club at the Stock Show.) And my back still hurts.