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It'll Be All Right, Avery. I'll Hold You.

It would be a miracle if the Mavs can win three in a row to get out of this debacle, but if they don't, the window for an NBA Championship has closed. Every team probably has a peak of three to four years. Last year might have been the best chance ever. Considering this year's disaster, next year won't be any better.

Edit: And don't rule out God punishing Mark Cuban for this.


Anonymous said...

If the Mavs lose again, should Dirk No-dick-zki decline the MVP trophy since he could not get his team past an 8th seed?

Anonymous said...

It appears the future of the big dominating center and set offenses (and one go to star) have been replaced with teams of 6 to 8 almost interchangable athletes all of whom are quick, fast, can jump, drive, and shoot from anywhere. I will be very surprised if the Pheonix Suns don't win it all.