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Kinda Funny

When they filmed "Leave It To Beaver", they never dreamed of pausing two seconds of an episode on TIVO.


Anonymous said...


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HHL said...

That's genius. I always freeze my Tivo to try and find stuff like that.

But I disagree with the conclusion that they didn't take into account that anyone would ever be able to read it. It is innocuous, non-offensive, and well written. (After all, TV shows back then were filmed, and there was always the possibility that posterity (archaeologists of some future society?) could come across that single frame of film.)

Anonymous said...

You know Ward, I think you're being a little hard on the Beaver.

Anonymous said...

On the subject, it's amazing to think that the producers didn't think of being able to pause the show on "anything", let alone on a "TIVO"! How things have changed! I grew up in a time when you either saw a TV show--or you missed it!

Gleemonex said...

That's awesome! I love this show, btw -- so much better-written than anyone gives it credit for, and lots deeper than most people today realize. TiVo catches it for me almost as often as it grabs Magnum, P.I., so I know whereof I speak.